What do these words mean to you?

As we begin to realize that we are one, and that there is a reason for everything that happens, and that all things work together for good.. then what is it that stops us from doing these two things?

I would encourage anyone to try these things. It isn’t an easy task. However, if we can remember the above two things as we go through the day, and stop our selves when we begin to offend or defend, then perhaps we will see that the only reason that we do them is out of the very  fear that we need to lose.

Love is appreciation. Through forgiveness, it  is the absence of everything that feels bad, and the presence of every thing that feels good. There is not one thing that can come against unconditional love. It doesn’t offend, and certainly doesn’t have to defend.

Isn’t love the catalyst that binds everything including us  together?

When we can walk in a state of appreciation, we are who we really are. Lower vibrations can’t affect us. Fear, worry, strife, sickness, all things related to lower vibrations don’t  exist. It’s impossible, it can’t occupy the same space, and if it isn’t there you don’t see it.

What am I doing to get there? I made lists of things I am grateful for, and that I appreciate.  I put them every where and look at them through out the day.  My family, my animals, the area I live in etc. Then I think about my daughter, and how much I love her, and then I FEEL it to my core. After awhile it becomes automatic. It has drastically changed the way I see the world and my feelings, and most of all, my opinions  towards people close to me. My life is a lot happier now, and I don’t worry about things like money, or worry about my kid and her life choices anymore. And when things aren’t going so well, I am “trying” to understand that the contrast is good also, and instead of fighting what ever it is, I trying to see the opportunity for growth that its showing me. When I see it, and own it, it disappears.

I was visiting family in Phoenix {about 300 miles away} a couple weeks ago. My sister-in-law commented on the awful fire near where I live. They had to evacuate a large area about ten miles from my house and the fire reached a hwy about five miles away. She said it made the five o’clock news in Phoenix. I said “What fire?” I never saw any fire. Neither did my husband, or my family near by. It wasn’t in my vibration, however,  It was a confirmation to me that I am on the right track. I love it when that happens.

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