How can speaking, walking and/or living your truth even happen in a world where everyone* seems offended by another’s beliefs; choice of foods; words; clothing; merchandise, etc.?

Do you wonder why so many humans* are being so offended by…well…most everything?

  • Self-absorption
  • Callousness
  • Entitlement
  • Self-importance
  • Blatant disregard for others feelings, needs and/or concerns
  • Thinks the world revolves around only them
  • Is due or owed respect, worship, money, etc.

Is it mass narcissism, sociopathy, and/or psychopathy? I am not a mental health specialist, so will leave those diagnoses to them.

Energetically Speaking

So energetically, why would so many be so loud and demanding about that which “offends” them and having those “offenses” removed from public view?

Ten, twenty, thirty years ago, if something or someone was distasteful or not acceptable to you, you no longer associated with, frequented or shopped at the establishment or removed yourself from the person(s).

You removed yourself from that which was not of your liking.

That simple.

By doing that, you were no longer subjected to something, someone, or someplace that didn’t fit you and your reality. Yet all beliefs, likes, etc.* were allowed to continue.

Respect for others Beliefs, Choices, and Preferences doesn’t mean you necessarily support, like, or approve of them. It means you respected their right to their choice or path, and removed yourself because it wasn’t your choice or path.

Again. That simple.

Back to Today

Why is there so much contention; being “offended”? Why so much anger, hate, and verbal aggressiveness?

What I propose is an energetic view or views – it is in no way an excuse for, nor excuses one from, hateful words, actions, etc….ever!

The baseline reason is: fear.

Why does anyone verbally, emotionally or physically attack anyone? Again, it does not excuse negative behavior; and I believe those exhibiting abuse should be held accountable. (f you are in an abusive situation, please seek help.)


Ever heard “The truth shall set you free”? I agree with this wholeheartedly – but my truth, or truths, may not be yours. And I am okay with that.

These “offended” people are fearful. They exude fear. Fear attempts to perpetuate fear.

What are they so afraid of?

Perhaps they don’t know their own beliefs. We all know the beliefs that we each were spoon-fed as we grew up; it doesn’t mean it is actually our own belief.

Finding, or even questioning, the beliefs you were fed can be scary; it may literally go against what we were told to believe. So rather than facing that difficult task of looking within for self-truths, perhaps striking out against those who have different views/beliefs makes them think they’ll feel better about themselves.

Bullies do the same thing, for the same reason: fear.

By attacking that which makes you afraid, you are hoping to make yourself feel better.

Another possibility is the complainer (and/or bully) doesn’t feel heard, validated, appreciated, real, or like they really matter to the world.

Or maybe their so unsettled not living their own truths that they are driven – again, by fear – to attack others who are living their truth(s).

No matter how I view the myriad of possible “reasons”, they all boil down to fear.

Back to the Original Question

How can we walk/talk/live our truth with so much fear bouncing around us?

We each can choose to get sucked in by someone else’s fears, or we can continue to honor self and stay on our individual paths.

Just like it’s one’s choice to live in fear while trying to recruit others into to it – so too is it one’s choice to refuse the fear and stand tall in one’s truth, while honoring others rights to their truths.

Again, simple. Fear or no fear?

* = generalized; not all inclusive.

by Jan Toomer


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