by Peter Perkins

It has been a long while since I have last written for the blog, and I was reminded by a dear friend that all the thoughts I have been dwelling on concerning the state of the world as well as America itself may be of interest to others. I’ve been thinking a lot about what we are seeing all around us on the news, so let’s jump into that right now.

Catastrophes, we have all seen many of them occurring one right after another. Indeed they are happening so close together that the media hardly has time to cover one before they move on to the next. The earthquakes in Haiti, China, New Zealand and of course Japan; the flooding in Australia; the political unrest here in America as well as the unrest in the Middle East.

Why are there so many things going on all at once?

I will try to explain my thoughts on this.

The two are connected. The planet is currently shaking off and venting energies it no longer needs. This is the very same thing we are seeing in people who are rising up to shake off governments, or regimes that they see is no longer of service to them. While both of these things, in the moment from a place of being emotionally in the middle of it seem horrible, they also show the changing consciousnesses of our world. When something happens even on the other side of the world we know about it, not only do we know about it, but we feel a connection to the people experiencing it.

We feel empathy and this is not a cultural empathy based on people of ones own culture but global empathy that transcends culture or nation. We may not be from the places that have been struck by these catastrophes but when we become aware of them, almost immediately we can feel for the people who have been affected. Just as all is energy. When we feel this empathy and we offer our prayers, our good wishes, money, or other donations it is felt and does show a willingness to reach out to our fellow humans showing that we care and are there for them.

This change in consciousness is a very positive thing. It wasn’t so long ago that people hearing about some tragedy on the other side of the world simply thought better there then here and went about their day. We are learning slowly but thankfully it is building that we are all connected; whether it is to a neighbor or people we have never met around the world.

Why are we having so many catastrophes occurring one after the other?

Each catastrophe is an alert, a call to bring attention and awareness. As you may well know people have a tendency to give attention to something that is right there in front of them but within a month or two it loses the impact and if nothing else happens for a year or more they tend to let go of the feelings generated by the event. We are not being allowed to just metaphysically fall back asleep.

We are getting hit over and over again and again to not only make us aware but keep us aware.

No more drifting back to sleep for us, no more hitting the snooze button. So what are we being alerted too and made aware of?

We are being alerted to old systems falling away, we are also being alerted to the plight of our fellow man so that we may feel empathy and a connection with them.

The changes in the world are letting us know that the world is changing. Things that had been accepted as concrete and never changing are showing that this is not so. We are being alerted to the fact that if we want change – we, the people of the world, can change the world. Even the solidity of the ground below people’s feet is showing that even this can change. Humans have survived as long as they have because we can adapt, grow, learn and are able to change as the world does.

Well the world is changing, we can adapt to it or we could stubbornly refuse to change and end up going the way of the dinosaurs. Everyone let’s call on our strong card and change so that we can adapt to the changes going on.

One example of a change we can make is away from nuclear power. It should be very evident from Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and now the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. If a single plant could cause such widespread damage due not to human error but natural disaster we need to wake up to the possibility another major catastrophe might affect several plants. There are options that work with the planet and do not have the huge potential of danger should they be effected by some disaster. We can switch to geothermal energy, tidal generated power with the constant ebb and flow of the ocean, wind and solar.  It’s not just going “green”, it’s about protecting ourselves and the other life forms that share this beautiful planet with us.

What about the people who died in all these catastrophes?

Applaud them. I mean it.

We all enter life with a plan we make choices about what we will experience while we are here on earth. These noble souls chose to be bright shining beacons to draw our attention. Let us not allow their sacrifice to go in vain. My thank you goes out to these brave souls. Thank you for getting our attention, thank you for not letting us forget and drift back to sleep. Thank you for making people aware of the devastation that earthquakes, tsunami’s and other disasters cause. People have seen what it can do and if they missed it, we are presented with it all over again. More and more people are waking up, it might take the massive catastrophes we are seeing over and over again but let’s listen to the message to us and not fall asleep.

Part II of this article will focus more on my home country of America.

Peace and Love Everyone


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