As we begin remembering more of who we truly are, we begin becoming more of who we truly are. We are stepping outside of our physical boundaries.

We are energetic souls who are temporarily occupying a physical body – a physical vehicle. This vehicle is not who we are. We are the essence – the soul – that is driving this vehicle. This vehicle is temporary.

Since we are energetic beings first and foremost, our true selves accesses and processes information on an energetic level. Energy has no boundaries.

  • As we become more aware
  • As the veils between dimensions thins
  • We are raising our frequencies or vibrations
  • We are moving away from the 3rd dimension

Because of all of this, we are becoming more aware and having more experiences which can actually feel kind of scary, frightening and overwhelming to some people.

  • Having sudden knowledge about a person’s life or a person’s death as it is perceived at that moment in time
  • Seeing mass exoduses before they happen
  • Seeing “catastrophes” happening before they occur
  • Seeing stuff you seem to have no control over is suddenly coming to you
  • Bombarding you
  • Not being sure what to do with this information you are getting
  • What you are experiencing may even go against your understandings or accepted beliefs of your religion
  • To suddenly have this happening “to you”

Addressing Religious Beliefs

For those who are very religious, I could sit and quote from your accepted scriptures to support the experiences you are going through. Having said that, there are also scriptures which can be interpreted as going against what you are experiencing.

And then there is the whole question about scriptures being correctly translated from one language to another – how much of the documents were altered/changed from the original meaning or intent?

For Everyone

All I can say is I can offer you some things to think about; some advice and or recommendations to help you – all based on my beliefs. These are my views, understandings and interpretations. Remember, you are living your life – I am not living your life. You will have to decide.

The main thing for everyone is to understand that you are not alone. People before you have experienced this; people right now are experiencing it; and in the future some people will experience it.

So what do you do with the information that comes to you?

Again, I cannot tell you what to do. I can only offer some possibilities and some things to consider, but it boils down to you.

#1 Question I Am Asked

Can I turn it off, or help you to turn it off?


One can, however, set parameters.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I had been “seeing” upcoming mass exoduses (such as plane crashes), earthquakes, volcanoes awakening, etc. I tried to warn others, but was meet with disbelief or was looked at as though I were crazy. I became scared, frustrated and then angry. “If I am seeing this, I’m supposed to do something with it!” Right?

No, not necessarily.

As we become more of who we really are (spiritual energy or spiritual beings) we have more access to everything. Doesn’t mean we’re supposed to do something with what we learn. I’ve yet had a use for algebra, though I learned it.

I finally asked my team to not show me anything that I cannot change or do anything about.

And those stopped. Not everything stopped – and I didn’t want everything to stop – just what which I couldn’t do anything about.

Why is This Being Done to Me?

Nothing is being “done to you”. You are merely stepping out of your physical confines and energetically tapping into universal knowledge.


“I know when someone’s going to die or how they’re going to die.”

Correction: you know when or how someone’s going to die as of that exact moment you received the information.

We are re-writing our future moment by moment; action by action; thought by thought. What you see/saw could have already changed by the time you processed what you just received/saw. Or it could change ten minutes later; a week later, etc. It is not set in stone.

Do I Tell Them?

Just because you know doesn’t mean they want to know.

Let me ask you:

  • Would you want to know when or how you were going to die?
  • Would it cause you, or whomever you tell, to live in constant fear because of knowing?

The moment someone is told (anything), they either begin creating it to make it happen (possibly self-fulfilling), or begin altering their course to change their possible future.

I cannot tell you to share the information. I cannot tell you to not share the information.

You will have to decide this yourself.

Am I Going Crazy?

I can only address the energetic experience; the physical and mental health professionals should be contacted for the physical and mental health needs.

Energetically, a lot is happening…with you as well as those around you.


Since the dimensional barriers have thinned (due to the rising of the planet’s frequency/vibration/energy), more people are experiencing ghosts and other being sightings and/or interactions. Some are also catching glimpses of alternate or parallel dimensions when they temporarily leak into ours.

And some are jumping; traversing parallel Earth’s as each individual works on creating their own reality.


Shield — A good exercise to cleanse your energy, set up boundaries, focus and center.

Seek those with like experiences and that are like minded.

Please listen to you. Avoid cult-like groups or groups who tell you what to believe.

Listen to yourself. If something or someone feels off, it/they usually are.

by Jan Toomer


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