Sunrise, Day One! by Dorothy Kendall Slemmer. © 2009, BookSurge Publishing. ISBN 1-4392-3425-6.

The story begins immediately following the major earth shift. The main character, Susan O’Neal, awakens in the barn which is surrounded by water. Initially, she doesn’t know how she got there or what has happened.

She does know that she can now see light around herself and her cat, Jack.

Susan meets her guide, Stephen, who begins teaching her how to use her now heightened abilities.

This is Susan’s story of her experiences with the newly created higher dimensional Earth, as well as the stories of the survivors she meets on her journey.

Though this book is presented as a novel, I have included it – with good reason – in these book reviews.

From the first chapter on, it was filled with details and descriptions that I have been receiving for a few years now, from my guides – and was pleasantly surprised to see this information in written form.

Dorothy did a great job presenting, in story form, information needed for our upcoming dimensional shift.

To me, this is not just a novel; it is a written guide on how we all should be practicing our abilities and our connection to the Source.

I cannot confirm the land mass and water changes presented in ‘Sunrise, Day One!’. I do not have that information, nor do I want that information. (I do ask that no one get hung up, or obsess, on the Earth changes…I really believe we will each be where we need to be, when we need to be there.)

I can confirm the information (from my experiences) on the future ways of thinking, healing and creating.

I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed ‘Sunrise, Day One!’ and highly recommend this book for everyone; and suggest that we each practice the focus, connecting and the healing how-to examples presented within the story.

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Something Extra:

What inspired you to write this story?

I had felt for some time that so many people just did not understand their relationship to their Creator and the purpose of this life.  I had written a book called “The Door is Open,” in which I wrote the answers to the questions that I often heard asked as a Hypnotherapist.  These answers were given to me by my own guides, and I presented them as such.  But the book didn’t get a good reception.  Most people felt it was not what they were taught in their church or just couldn’t accept the concepts presented.  So, I put it aside.

Then, my guides said, “Write it as a fiction.  You will reach more people with that format and the concepts will be more acceptable when people don’t feel like you are telling them how to believe.”  One day in December, 1997, as I was driving home from a college class that I was taking, the guides gave me the first chapter and the title and ending of the book.  I could see the whole first chapter happening in my head!  I started writing immediately.  I took the next semester off so that I could work on the book and it was finished July 4th of 1998.  Again, I was unable to get it published.  I suppose that the timing was just not quite right, because here it is, published in 2009!

Is there a possibility for a sequel?

I asked my guides that very question this morning!  I, myself, do not have plans to write a sequel. But I left it open to them, and if they present one to me, I will write it.

Do you have any insights or words of wisdom to share with your readers?

Only to say, be kind to one another. You lose nothing by being kind and gain so much more than you realize!  Stop and consider what YOUR cost will be (karma, you know) in hurting another.  And how much time do you really have to make it up??  Peace, always peace….

More Author Info Please:

Dorothy K. Slemmer, or Dottie as her friends call her, has always had an interest in metaphysics and the many aspects of E.S.P., and she headed an E.S.P. study group in the late 1960’s.  While working full-time, she studied Psychology at I.U.P.U.I. and later took courses, getting her certificate from the Hypnosis Institute of Indianapolis.  For many years, Dottie did hypnotherapy as a vocation and eventually limited her practice to age regression research.

After retiring, Dottie returned to college and got a Master’s degree in History with a collateral field of Archaeology.

Dottie felt drawn to write ‘Sunrise, Day One!’, her first novel, so that she could share with others the insights and truths that she has discovered in her many years of study.

She is the mother of 7, grandmother of 12, and lives on Kentucky Lake with her husband of 33 years and their four cats.  She is an artist, a vegetarian, loves to travel, and has an avid love of nature.

Thank you Dorothy!

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