by Linda Aragon

Most of us accept the concept of “We create our own reality”, even if we don’t fully understand what this statement means.  There is much depth to the power of your thoughts and words.

“I AM” statements have a lot to do with our manifestations.  Notice the thoughts and the words you speak to yourself and to others. The power of the I AM statements are talked about in many religions.

Perhaps best explained with an example, let’s take a scenario: – You and your co-workers arrive early to work on the request of your boss. Sitting around a table here’s a sampling of statements being made.

  • “I am so tired”.
  • “I am sick, I have a headache”.
  • “I am useless without my coffee”.
  • “I am not happy about being here”.
  • “I am always being picked on”.
  • “I am in for a long difficult day”.

And so on and so on…these are powerful statements, often made throughout the day.  You are talking to the Universe.  Universal Laws are always operating.  In essence the Universe hears these statements and says “Your wish is my command” – it does not try to decipher sarcasm, or what you really meant, it simply obeys.

The I AM power is the healing power of the Universe, and the ability exists to transform very aspect of your life.  Using the words “I AM” is a calling to the Universe, the healing power.

When we put negatives after I AM, as in “I AM sick” or “ I AM a failure”, it creates great limitation.  Instead with the I AM power, you can be filled with enormous capacities for transformation.

Upon awakening each day, call on the power of the I AM in statements such as”

  • I AM Grateful.
  • I AM Happy.
  • I AM Healthy.
  • I AM Love.

Manifesting positive I AM Statements will produce positive outcome in your life.  Imagine the situation you wish to create, whether  it involve abundance, relationship, health, etc…see it as you wish it to be.  This is particularly powerful in the five minutes just before you fall asleep!

Give Gratitude for the things in your life – the more Gratitude you give, the more Gratitude will come into your life. That’s the Law of Attraction.

Here’s a fun exercise for you to do in the car, at home, or anytime, either by yourself or with others.

Taking each letter of the Alphabet, create an “I AM” statement:


  • A- I AM Awesome, Accepting, Able
  • B -I AM Beautiful, Balanced, Blissful
  • C- I AM Creative, Calm, Cooperative, Caring
  • D- I AM Delightful, Determined, Dedicated

Try it! Finish the Alphabet –  It’s fun and powerful!

Linda Aragon
Holistic Life Coach-

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