The Psychic Healing Book by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin. (c) 1978, Wingbow Press Books. ISBN 0-914728-34-2.

Wallace and Henkin present a lot of information, tips and exercises in this book.

Maintaining the belief that everyone has the potential, they cover beginners through more advanced practitioners.

The need for centering and grounding prior to working (doing energy work) is emphasized. They do not, however, address shielding (overall protection).

Some topics covered are healing and psychic readings, with advanced chapters on both.

My favorite chapter was “Why Do People Get Sick?”. Henkin and Wallace provides insights on the benefits those who are ill and do not want to get better; they discuss some reasons why people get sick; and provide information about those you shouldn’t work on – and why.

Pretty interesting book, with some exercises I had never done before.

I recommend this book for all levels.

Review by Jan Toomer



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