Because everything is connected (energy is everything; everything is energy), I did my best to narrow things down to stick on point for this article. What I share here is just a small piece of a much larger, interconnected picture.

I don’t usually write about/discuss politics. I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs and views, including myself. My team, however, brought something to my attention during one of my sessions with them, and I’d like to share it with you.

masks-40963_640Astonished and a bit annoyed at the viciousness, absurdities and major drama coming out with, and by, the two primary candidates, I whined (yes, I have those moments, too) at my team. I complained about a presidential parody being played out for the whole world to see. Included in this, I told them, was that the U.S. people thinking / being led to believe that they have to choose or vote for one of the two. This is false.

There’s More Going On

As they usually do, they let me vent, and then worked with me to see a bigger picture – to get a better understanding.

They reminded me that the human race had once been under a matriarchal societal system.

Then the tides turned (not quietly, I’m guessing) and we became – and still are – a patriarchal society.

A struggle that began an immeasurably long period of time ago (at least seems to me), is fighting to come to a head. Harmony is being sought. And the two main U.S. presidential primary candidates are playing this out for all to see, and to consider.

The masculine energies wants to suppress the feminine energies. The feminine wants to have control again.

Neither will work.

Finding Balance

Each of us are in a time of finding balance; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Not only on a personal level, but all the way up to global.

  • Personal
  • Neighborhood
  • Town, city
  • State
  • Region
  • Country
  • World

It’s time for the masculine and feminine energies to come into balance.

It’s up to each of us as to whether it will occur peacefully or not.

I leave you with these parting thoughts. Remember, there’s more going on.

  • The government is supposed to work for the people
  • Step outside of the box
  • You aren’t limited
  • There are more choices

by Jan Toomer


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