Part Two

(Can read Part One here)

A message from my team:
“We know you are feeling worn out, tired and frustrated.

We want you to know that you really are amazing, and have done a wonderful job.

And you’ve never been alone. We (each person’s team) are here with you each step of the way; through the joyous times and the rough times. We support you, and the work you have done and continue to do.

Each one of you has helped the human race progress – as a whole – very well. We know you may have trouble seeing it, because the negative seems overwhelming sometimes. We ask that when you feel overwhelmed, please shine brighter. You forge the new paths. Let your light shine to lead the way!”

From Jan:
When I was younger, I was very frustrated and angry because I didn’t understand why I would learn/know/see something; share it; and the message would be mostly ignored until anywhere from 5 to 15 years later, when someone else would share the same information and it would spread like wildfire.

I would complain to my team. “What am I, chopped liver? I said that exact same thing XX years ago!”

This attitude came and went in waves over many years. I could go quite a few years with no problems – then one day I’d be really annoyed.

Finally, a few years ago, I asked my team, “Why do you want me to continue writing when it is mainly overlooked until someone else says the same thing? There are other things I could be doing to help people with that time I use to channel and write.” Yeah, I whined.

As always, ego blathers – my team explains – and I feel like a heel. (My own doing, mind you.)

They explained that – as a Way Show-er – I wrote those articles as I experienced them and/or was shown information to help the other Way Show-ers who were experiencing it (so they’d know they weren’t alone) or getting ready to experience it, (so people would have a “heads up”).

So, those who needed to hear it XX years ago, received the information in a timely manner for them. And those ready to hear it now will receive in a timely manner for them.

Yes, it was a “slap my forehead, duh” moment for me.

So, Fellow Way Show-ers

Just because we don’t always get to see the outcome (or maybe even the reason why) of our work, that does not lessen the importance, nor the impact, of what we do.

My Recommendations

  • Let ego know that its concerns have been heard (referencing the feeling unheard and unappreciated, etc.) and release it.
  • Burn out doesn’t help you or others. Please take some “me” time to regenerate, relax and regroup.
  • Feel free to ask your team to help rebalance you – though please find the occasional “me time” as well.
  • And if need be, re-read the message from my team to you. Our work is appreciated, though we may not always see that on the physical level.

Keep up the good work, fellow Light Bearers, and Shine On!

by Jan Toomer


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