Part One

This topic has been brought to my attention — repeatedly, over the last three weeks – from people as well as my team, so I’d like to go into it a bit.

There are Way Show-ers (aka First Wave, Lightworkers, Light Bearers, First Responders, etc.) who stay a bit ahead of the curve. These are the beings who came into this lifetime with a different frequency than the mainstream. This is so they could:

  • Help forge the way
  • Open new paths
  • Offer chances to think outside of the box
  • Offer a higher frequency to help others raise theirs higher
  • To shake up belief systems
  • Offer new perspectives
  • And/or turn others once known perceptions upside down

These Way Show-ers can be blatant or subtle; in your face or behind the scenes; in the public eye or publicly unknown.

They can have abilities that could knock your socks off (metaphorically speaking) or be so understated that no one knew anything had happened and/or changed until looking back at the meeting/incident later.

They challenge with their words, actions, views and/or energy.

They support with their words, actions, views and/or energy.

And lately, quite a few of them/us are a tad prickly or cranky.

Why? One word…


Just like everyone else, the Way Show-ers are working on healing, clearing or releasing their past and past lives.

Just like everyone else – they too ride the energy rollercoaster that ebbs and flows on Earth.

They too are working on raising their frequency, and are usually ahead of the mainstream, experiencing the upcoming and new to aid others when they approach the new.

Just like everyone else, they are also working to pay bills, feed the family, etc.

And then there’s each individual’s spiritual and/or energy “jobs”. Each Way Show-er has their own unique twist to their abilities which they utilize to aid others.

Additionally, they are holding and supporting the higher frequencies for all life here – including humans, animals and Mother Earth.

And, just like anyone else, when Way Show-ers are tired, they can get out of whack and feel:

  • unheard
  • unappreciated
  • frustrated
  • lost and/or alone
  • angry
  • worn out
  • exhausted
  • stretched thin
  • cranky
  • annoyed with 3D drama

They can also feel as though they are spinning their wheels for nothing or impatient to get the “real stuff” going.

Well, I am sure you get the point.

Having said that, please know that not one person’s role is more – or less – important on Earth than anyone else’s.

This is for the Way Show-ers  – Part Two

by Jan Toomer


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