by Jan Toomer

The week leading to Christmas, I was told (by my guides) to get ready for a ‘trial run’. The feeling accompanying this message was that we were to experience – short term – no electricity…so I was thinking it would happen the weekend of Dec. 25th.

My whole life, where I was conscious of what I could do, I realized that I had no sense of time – I oftentimes knew what was going to happen, just not sure when (time is a third dimension creation).

Christmas weekend came and went… nothing happened.

Sunday morning, early, I awoke to no electricity and the generator hadn’t kicked on.

I grabbed the cordless phone extension and began calling the electric company to notify of the outage; their line was busy, so I tried intermittently to contact them.

In the meantime, hubby went out to see if he could jump start the generator, but it refused to start.

The house temperature was at 67 degrees. We turned on the gas fireplace to help heat the house a bit; but the circulating fan is electric and we’ve no electricity. The house temperature began to drop due to cold air coming in down the fireplace flue.

I had finally gotten through to the electric company to hear a recorded “we’re working on it” message (a car accident had knocked the power out); the message informed us that electricity would be restored in 4 – 6 hours.

About an hour later, the main phone (thus the cordless extensions as well) was dead.

Around 1pm, our phone was still dead. Shortly thereafter, on a hunch, I went to an older phone and picked it up – there was a dial tone. Hubby found the main phone (of which I had been using the extension to call the phone company) had been unplugged; however, neither of us had moved, used or unplugged that main phone.

Talking to a friend later on that day, she asked me what had been the purpose of the phone being unplugged; I asked my guides.

I was told that the phone was unplugged so we would have the full effect of the trial run. (I found the phone being off kind of freeing.)

So with this trial run, we have discovered:

  1. Our fireplace cannot be used for heating purposes…we need to find an alternative.
  2. We need a stove top percolator for hubby’s coffee (grin).
  3. The generator needs to be repaired – and we cannot rely on it for energy.

I work hard to not be a ‘doomsayer’ – and truly believe that we, as a mass as well as individually, generate and create our future – in other words we are creating our future with our thoughts of today.

However, I am also not so naïve that life is all roses and butterflies.

When we lived in the south, we learned how to prepare for hurricanes; in the Midwest, tornadoes; in the southwest, monsoons; California has earthquakes and mudslides. We adapt to our surroundings.

If my guides had me do a trial run – then I needed it to be prepared; I think that is called ‘common sense’ to be prepared for changes.

Interesting experience…

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