Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin. © 2008, Audible Inc./Brilliance Audio. ISBN 978-1-4233-7409-1. (CD’s, read by the author, Seth Godin.)

My web designer, and friend, Art Schobey ( loaned me this book on CD’s and recommended I listen to them. Art said it would help me in learning about utilizing today’s web. Yes, I am learning about blogging, twittering, etc.

I put in the CD’s and listened while I traveled.

Now, you’re probably scratching your head and asking, “Why is this in metaphysical book reviews?” Because I was pleasantly surprised by “Tribes”.

What Seth Godin wrote, and read, basically can be used for ANY aspect of Life.

Seth explains man’s need to belong; in a group; a commonality; a “tribe”.

Giving historical and present case examples, Godin provides insights, tips/ideas, etc. on how to be a leader.

Okay, a lot of us cringe at the thought of being a leader…however, Godin presents this in a comfortable and “easy to digest” way; and the information really can be used in so very many different aspects of one’s life.

I found “Tribes” to be informative and uplifting. I recommend “Tribes” for everyone.


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