by Peter Perkins

I did want to share a few things though since they touch on the Metaphysical and I seriously believe they were meant for more than just myself.

We really are manifesting things faster.

I went with my stepfather to Carlsbad to share the driving duties. He wanted to look at a few properties out that way.

Well one of the things that came to pass is we passed by a Chinese buffet in Carlsbad that I thought would be nice to go to. My stepfather never goes to Chinese buffets unless my mom drags him. Well sure enough on the way home without any hint or indication from me he asked if I wanted to eat there.

This was one of the good manifestations but a bad one happened too.

I took over driving duties on the way home and it was pitch black and I was thinking, “Wow! Sure would be nice to see all the stars out here between cities where no light pollution ruins it all.”

I also was thinking about how coyotes always get hit out on the roads and you never see them alive. Sure enough as this thought turned over and over in my head as we drove. I saw a coyote for about two seconds before I hit the poor thing at 75 mph. It died instantly.

Now I got upset, I don’t like any creatures dying especially being the one responsible and this really got to me. I was upset because it died and, was upset because my thoughts might have brought this about. As I felt myself sink lower into a funk, my guardian angel showed up and had the coyote with him; whole and was glowing a beautiful white.

It just looked at me with no accusing look just a simply almost happy expression. My guardian angel reminded me that not only do we – people – go on after death but animals do too. He assured me that the coyote knew that it had passed into the nonphysical and after a few minutes of giving me that goofy look a canine can give it ran off.

Of course stopping the minivan to inspect did give me a chance to see those stars between cities as well.

So the messages I received are: manifestations are happening faster; and for all those who may have lost a pet, for them to know animals also continue on.

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