by Dragon Spirit

“Okay, okay, OKAY, I get it!” I kept saying aloud but, apparently I didn’t get the message. Standard answers were not going to be acceptable, I was supposed to REALLY listen and then fess up.

You see, I’ve just flat out burned out. No flicker or sputter, just out like flipping a switch. I’d absorbed as much stuff as I could and thought I was some kind of glutton for punishment. Well, yes and no. I had taken on more than I needed to and I didn’t know how to put it where it belonged. (Thanks, Jan!)

It was time for a serious vacation and a re-grouping. So in true me fashion (because why wait when you can plow through in short order and clean up the carnage later) I put it where it belonged. Well, at least the majority of it. After some VERY direct talks with individuals and a little discussion with the ego, I think I’ve finally hit the right track.

As you can imagine, some folks weren’t too happy with me but I figure they’ll get over it. I know I did. I am not here to play mom, or hold hands so you can be irresponsible and lazy. I’m here to move forward and if that means I leave you kicking and screaming in the dust well, so be it.  You can clean up your own mess. I’ve got enough to worry about for myself and it’s about time I came first.

I still love you, but I that doesn’t mean I have to like the way you play.

So no thank you, emotional vampires, energy suckers, miserable minnies, and doubting dans. Hasta la vista no way joses, and many mananas. This momma is moving on.


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