I had an experience yesterday that I would like to share. It was so very different from anything I have ever felt before.

I got so homesick that all I could do was cry. I told my husband that I wanted to go home. He answered by saying “you are home” and he got rather upset because he thought  I was saying that our life together was not good enough. At the time I thought it wasn’t, but only because our home in the higher dimensions is so much greater.  He asked me where home was, and all I knew was it was where I never felt alone, and I felt safe and felt much loved.  He told me that he was here, and that I was safe and much loved. This is true, for I am blessed to have a man that loves me so much, but as much as all this is true, it isn’t home. What I feel is so much greater. Once again, I have tears flowing down my face as I write this. I have the most overwhelming feeling of appreciation so very deep inside. It is so strong that I never want to leave its grace. I am in awe.

I don’t know why I was taken to this place, but now I am eternally grateful. Perhaps this is the state of being that we are to experience in the next age.

I absolutely do not proclaim to have any answers to the future of our life on this earth. However, I feel like we are so very close that you can reach out and touch it. I do believe that there is going to be a shaking in 2010, and my heart is very heavy when I say that we need to start paying attention to the signs. What would happen if the grid went down for a week? A month? Years?  Could you survive?  You can if you are prepared. .

The energies are going crazy right now. It’s as if surges of energies are hitting everywhere, almost as if they are out of control, kind of like Retrograde with a kick. You turn on the television {tell-a-vision} and it seems like every week now there are at least two shows on the subject of 2012. Scientists are discovering the power of the mind through Quantum Physics,  new places are being found, and  it seems to be offering us a different perspective on the way things really are.  Kind of like coming out of the dark age?

I finally understand that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be at any given time. For the last few years, I spent hours every day on the computer every day doing research on 2012 and metaphysics, the bible and listened to lecture after lecture by very credible teachers. I still think they are awesome. In this age of information through computers, people are realizing who they are and the power they have within. They are coming together with their power of intent, and it is making a tremendous difference regarding the outcome of events in our future. People all over the world are waking up. However, don’t be foolish. Power can be used to serve mankind or to serve self.

I suddenly stopped reading everything. By the time I went back online, I had over three thousand emails. I felt nothing good or bad. I was told that it was normal, and that I was processing information. As usual, my friend Jan was correct because I finally understand that God, our guides, spirit, or what ever you choose to call it, lives in your heart and if you pay attention and allow your heart to guide you, and act on what it tells you because it will never lie to you. Then, there is nothing to fear. Can you imagine the power when you merge you mind and your emotions with your heart?

Again, I surely don’t know what the future holds, and what I write is my perception of what I am observing. However, with zero doubt I can promise this, if indeed the place I went to yesterday is tomorrow, all I can say is bring it on, and do it quickly. There is nothing to fear.

With love,


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