These are our animal guides in this lifetime; and just like our guides, we usually have at least one that is with us through out this entire lifetime.

We also have ‘specialty’ animal totems that show up during different times in our life to help: lend us support; bring inspiration, or a message; or lend energy.

For example: Big cats (ie the Mountain Lion) and Dolphin have been with me for a very long time. These are the types of energies I needed in this lifetime; they help support and guide me.

Giraffe came through once during a reading I had received from a psychic; its message was for me at that time in my life.

What are some ways for you to find out about your animal totems?

1. You can have a reading done by someone who can ‘see’ animal totems.
2.You can use ‘Medicine Cards’ – or go to someone who uses these cards.
3. (This is my favorite!) You can discover it yourself!

Life totems:
Think back over your life. What is one animal (can include insects, etc) that has captured your attention (or imagination) throughout your life?

For me, I could never wait to see the mountain lion or dolphin at the zoo or aquarium. The anticipation of seeing them made my whole body buzz – and when I finally got to see them, I was totally at peace and could spend hours just sitting and watching them.

Do you collect statues, statuettes, figurines or pictures of one particular animal?

Or do you repeatedly dream of one animal?

These could all be clues.

‘Specialty’ totems:

Today, as I drove out to the dentist’s, I saw Lizard. He was animatedly racing across a street.

When I was returning home, a Rock Dove literally flew around my car – as in encircling – as I was driving down the road.

I do not see both of these out and about on a regular basis, so I know to pay attention and find out what messages they carry.

When I came home, I pulled out my trusty “Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews (love that book!); and found that Lizard’s “Keynote” is “Subtlety of Perception”. Andrews writes that one Lizard message is to listen to my “own intuition over anyone else’s”; very apropos for me at this time.

As for Dove – “Feminine Energies of Peace, Maternity, and Prophecy” – and Andrews writes “mourn what has passed, but awaken to the promise of the future.”

Now, I have only shared a tiny bit of each animal’s entry – (Andrews writes a lot more on each animal) – sharing what parts ‘spoke’ to me.

My husband and I keep this book handy and whenever we have an encounter with a critter, we look it up to see what message it has brought to us.

So, as you go through your day, watch to see what animal brings you a message. Thank them, and look that animal up to see what it means to you today.

June 13, 2009

by Jan Toomer




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