We all have been going through major changes – usually in waves and/or spurts – for the last three or so years.

I have been asked, “Where have you been?”

I am no exception to these inner shifts and changes.

So, where have I been? I have been here and there. *grin*

Relationships of Any Kind

If there is no equal exchange of energies, it is no longer a harmonious relationship.

If a relationship became toxic, disharmonious, one-sided, etc. I have closed the door.

If I had fulfilled the “contract” (soul agreement, soul call), then I did what I came to do… and in some cases, left and closed the door.

And many of you are finding that you are doing this as well.

It doesn’t mean you are angry with the person and/or place – it just means you are done. You finished what you needed to do (on a soul level – of which you may or may not have been consciously aware of), or you finished what lesson(s) you were there to learn.

This doesn’t mean you cut everyone out of your life. There are some people that you have remained in harmony with and like having around.

The key is – Equal Exchange of Energies.

If the interaction is:

  • One-sided
  • Chaotic
  • Abusive
  • Feels Lopsided
  • Or one person gives all and receives none…

…then it is not an equal exchange of energies.

Your Life?

Do you take and take?
Do you feel it is owed to you?
Do you give and give – never accepting reciprocation?

Not harmonious.

This does fall under setting up boundaries in your life; refining what you will and will not accept in your life.

So Where Have I Been?

I have been here, refining my energies and relationships.

Oh, and have been into some other projects…more coming soon!

by Jan Toomer



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