As if in trance, she watches
the pen in her hand
creating written beauty
on the page.

Words flow forth;
pen caresses paper
from her hand, yet
separate from her.

She wonders how
the magical dance is
done, since she has
no conscious control.

Hand and pen waltzes
to unknown music.
Thoughts and emotions
coming to life.

Animated without her
mind interacting.
How can this be?
Decidely an outside force.

As quickly as it began,
the magic stops.
Or had it?
She reads what is written.

It was unknown to
her how such grace
and beauty could
emerge from mere words.

She realized that
though the dance
had stopped – the magic
continues to live.

– – – – – – – – –
Oftentimes, “I” would write things that I had no idea where they came from – as though the writings were directed by someone else. I wonder if I had done automatic writing without realizing it? (Not what I recommend.)

(FEB 97)

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