We’ve recently had a rash of electronic mishaps; computer, land line phones, internet connectivity, etc. going wonky.

Mercury Retrograde?

I love reading my astrological forecasts, but just about anything else regarding astrology loses me, except Mercury going retrograde.

When Mercury goes retrograde I personally pay attention. I don’t get all weirded out about it, but have developed a healthy respect for the slowing down time and work to have patience during these periods.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it affects communications (phones, contracts, misunderstandings, misspellings, can’t “find” the right word, appointments, etc.); electronics (phones, computers, any kind of power/cable lines, printers, vehicles with computers chips, etc.); destination or contractual delays occur or mishaps with vehicles, flights, appointments, scheduling, etc.; and patience. Getting annoyed during this time is as effective as banging ones head against a brick wall to get rid of a headache – not going to work.

However, since the next Mercury Retrograde date is not until June 26, 2013, I know that this does not explain the electronics going wonky.


When we are stressed we can kind of zap our electric/electronic stuff, causing them to go on the fritz.

(The following is taken from “Undefined Reality” )

A Created Reality

“I don’t understand! Why is this happening again? And it’s always at the worst possible time!” I whined to the car repairman.

The grandfatherly mechanic wiped his hands on a rag while he explained, “It’s the computer, ma’am.  It’s gone out again.  I can’t tell you why, but we will get right on it and get you on the road again.”

I was fuming, but not about the mechanic.  It wasn’t his fault he knew me so well.  It was the car! A brand new car, with computer in it, and it seemed to break down at the most inopportune times! I bought the new car so I would have a reliable vehicle.

Later that evening, I was telling my husband how upset I was about the car acting up.  I had had enough of its freaking-out.  He had one of those frustrating-to-me smirks on his face as he asked, “What was it this time? The blinkers going on and off by themselves?”

“No”, I said, “It was the headlights and dash lights; on and off, on and off.  I swear, whenever I get angry or stressed, the car seems to become possessed!”

His smirk became a grin.  “So, quit getting so worked up and your car will behave.”

His last statement threw me back into my past…

I was a teen – I sat on my bed with my brand new wind-up watch.  I had wanted this so much – and two days after getting it, it wouldn’t work.  My watches always stopped, then my mother fussed that I had over-wound them, which I knew I hadn’t.
As a young adult – Seated at my computer, close to tears.  My insides felt knotted up.  I sat, helpless, as I watched my computer system go haywire.  As if I didn’t have enough going on – having just left my alcoholic first husband and trying to raise a young child on my own… now my computer was useless, which put me behind on my work schedule.
From there, my thoughts jumped around …
Toasters quit working one day, fine the next; TV’s out for no apparent reason; stereos and home computers going haywire one day, and fine the next.
And the memory of telling my holistic doctor I couldn’t wear wind up watches.  I can’t remember how we arrived at that particular topic, but I remember his explanation.
He explained everyone – human, animal and plant – generates an electro- magnetic field.  Some are subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with their surroundings.
Then, he continued, there are people like me whose fields are strong.  Strong enough to interfere with the crystals and gems inside wind-up watches, which usually stops them permanently.  In fact, some people with strong fields, when experiencing strong emotions like anger, stress, etc., can really whack out electrical devices.
He offered some suggestions on how not to radiate so much, and then recommended that I try the new LCD watches that had recently come out.

No wonder my husband was so amused.  I had been causing the problems with my own car!

I still can’t wear wind-up watches for very long – but I never had another computer-related problem with my car!


But, we’ve not been stressed.

Energy Shifts

Last week I wrote that energy shifts means changes (see Changes 101) – well, guess what? Since everything is energy, that means our “stuff” needs to adapt as well.

If you change vibration/frequency, you may no longer be in sync with your electronic surroundings; the electronic surroundings may need to adjust as well, and may go a little wonky until it adapts. (I have never seen soft items “adjusting”, just electronics/electrical items).

If the energy can no longer adapt, it needs to be removed from the reality. Our land line phones weren’t able to adapt anymore and crashed. Even for those who can sustain electronics, some just can’t rise anymore and will cease to operate.

The printer and computer here made it through this most recent shift after a brief wonky stint; computer chip in the cell phones and vehicles came through without a hitch.


This is another reason why I suggest shielding not only self, but one’s home (and vehicles) as well; since everything is energy, everything can benefit from a good energy cleansing and shielding.


We have a tendency to be patient with others when they go through an awkward period or are a little off; please have patience with yourself and your environment/reality during energy shifts…that can make the adjustment period go a bit smoother.

by Jan Toomer


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