Q. Why don’t you give the names of the beings you channel from News and Views?

A. My team recommended against it. (a) To protect the families privacy. (b) There is no way for some of the beings or presenters to be verified. (c) The names are not as important as the messages. (d) And, in some cases, the presenter may be a spokesperson for many beings (a group) who combined efforts to give one message.

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I’d like to address some questions about those who have died. These are my understandings and interpretations based on my experiences as a medium.

Q. Are they healed of their imbalance(s) after they cross over?

A.  Yes. When we cross over, we can work with others (in the healing ‘profession’ on the other side) to help us heal from our trauma-memories.

Q. How long does it take for someone who died to cross over?

A. That is totally up to the individual. Reasons for not crossing over can be as varied as the individuals. Here are a few reasons some may decide to not cross over:

  • Fear. Fear of the unknown; afraid to face ‘G-d’; afraid to face the wrongs they committed.
  • To protect or watch over a loved one.
  • Unfinished business. They felt like too much was left undone and want to try to accomplish it before they cross over.
  • Not sure what happened to them / want answers. Some stay to find out what happened to them. Example: murdered or unexpected death. This does not mean that every unexpected death or murdered being stays here. Each individual is unique and the decision is theirs. – Some may not comprehend that their physical body had died.

I recently had a rash of ghosts – beings whose bodies had died, but they never crossed over. These ghosts died in the nineteen thirties and forties. They had not crossed over and sought aid to finish up and cross to the other side. Some were unexpected traumatic deaths; some stayed out of guilt (misplaced guilt).

Q. How long after they die can they communicate with us (via dreams, visions, interaction, mediums, etc)?

A. Immediately. Some even stop in to say “Bye” immediately after their physical body had died.

Some don’t come back to talk with us. Again, their personal preference and as per soul plans. Example: You and the now deceased person may have agreed – prior to entering this lifetime – to not communicate after death. This may be so that the survivor can heal – or it could’ve been for other reasons.

My maternal grandfather – who I absolutely adored – had popped in immediately after his body died.

Over the years, I would smell cigar or Old Spice (I asked him to quit with the cigar smell…I couldn’t stomach that smell), but would never sense him or was never able to talk with him.

It wasn’t until decades later that he made contact again. He told me that he had been busy at a ‘special school’, so hadn’t been able to visit.

Time is not linear – all happens simultaneously. Since time is not linear, the deceased can cross over, heal, go to school, etc. and come back – all within possibility minutes or hours after their death – to communicate with us.

Or, like with my grandfather, wait many of our years to communicate again.

by Jan Toomer


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