hintergrund-tapete-1453807670fWAQ. How can I (begin) working with my team/guides? I know you said to start by talking to them, but it feels awkward or just plain nutty.

A. I recommend you begin by talking with, or to, them. You probably want to do this internally (in your mind) – though I personally have no compunction about talking out loud, but that may just be me.

And yes, it can feel awkward or unnatural at first. But just like any other relationship, you have to make contact, communicate and build the relationship.

Having said that, I would like to remind you that each of us hand-picked our team to be with us in this lifetime. Just because you may not consciously remember, it doesn’t lessen the impact our teams have on our lives.

I feel that my team knows me (and my soul goals) better than I know myself.

We picked our team to “have our back”; to support us and guide us on our life journey.

You may or may not reach a place where you can “hear” their guidance, but I do know that your subconscious “hears” just fine, and you do act on the guidance…most of the time.

How do I know? Our team’s goal is to aid in keeping us on the road we chose pre-birth – our soul path.

When someone goes off their soul path (that pesky free will), our life becomes chaotic, unsettled and/or turbulent.

I don’t mean a bump in the road. It’s more like nothing seems to go right, or you can’t catch a break. These may be warnings to you that you strayed from your intended path.

Sometimes, some one may stray so far that they may get a “time out”. One extreme example may be a jail or prison sentence, where you are severely restricted in location and travel, and are provided an opportunity to reflect and redirect yourself. This includes stepping out of the victim role energy.

This is not an easy environment to do this, especially since it offers you basically the same mucky energy that brought you to the jail or prison in the first place. Stay in it, step out of it.


You can begin communicating with your guides by introducing yourself, maybe along the lines of: “Hi, my name is __________. I feel very awkward, like I’m talking to myself, but I am trying. I would like to get to know you, but am not yet ready to trust what I may ‘know’ or ‘feel’. I am open to meeting you in a dream, but please help me to remember the dreams the next morning.”

Don’t get frustrated – which is easy to do. Have patience with yourself. You are literally reprogramming yourself to have that (conscious) connection with your team again; to trust self again; and to open up to allowing again.


Yes, again. Most of us had the connection and communication until the age of six to eight years. That is when, while attending school and/or interacting outside of the family, we were programmed to quit trusting and listening to self and our guides, and were programmed to listen to others telling us what we are supposed to think and do.

This is what can make the process feel so awkward.

Talk to them daily.

Just know that any negative, manipulative, or harmful thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. are NOT from your team. If this occurs, stop and get assistance/help.

Q. How do I go about finding a (metaphysical) teacher where I live?

A. You can Google/search “metaphysical” (or any other key words that you feel comfortable with such as “new age” and/or “spiritual”) and your area and should get some hits.
You may also find what you are looking for:

  • in a store (that has metaphysical-type classes)
  • some community education colleges that have courses or classes (not credit courses) on metaphysical-related topics
  • there may be a Meet Up (meetup.com), etc. in your area that addresses what you are seeking (spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal, new age, etc.

I recommend you read, research and allow self to guide you. If you feel uncomfortable, or have the feeling you need to leave – then leave. That person, place or group may not be for you.

You might have to try a few places/people before you find one that “fits” you. Above all else, trust yourself! If it feels wrong to you, it usually is.

In the meantime, this blog has free articles on various metaphysical -, spiritual – and/or paranormal- related topics for you to explore. Take what fits, leave the rest.

by Jan Toomer


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