Q. You wrote about growth spurts and heightened senses. I consider myself to be a spiritual person, but I don’t recall experiencing any of this. Is there something wrong with me?

A. Just because you don’t experience something, or anything that I write about does not mean something is wrong with you.

Each person has their own experiences and walks their own path. Some may experience something similar to what I’ve written; some might experience it years down the road; some never. All is okay.

Also, your integration and interpretation may have been so smooth that it never jumped out at you. And that is also okay.

Another thing to consider is that you may not turn on, tune into, or pay attention to that channel (picture a TV channel or radio tuner). We are not two dimensional (aka flat) beings; we are multi-layered or multi-dimensional. If you aren’t paying attention to other layers, you won’t recognize it.

I’ve written / spoke about how earthbounds (ghosties) are on one “channel”; guides yet another and so on. In order to hear and/or see, one has to tune into the correct channel (frequency) and be available for a clear reception.

The same idea can be applied to our life journey experiences. They are not always so cut and dried; there may be layers of information and/or knowledge in one incident. But if you aren’t tuned in, you may only (consciously) get the surface information and not the deeper stuff.

One (extreme) example: When we are injured or ill, our energy and thoughts are focused on pain, discomfort, maybe shock, and/or survival. We are paying attention to that and working towards getting better. But there are energetic layers there.

Maybe the reason for the injury/illness lurks beneath the surface – but as long as you are focused only on the injury or illness, you probably won’t see anything else.

* *
When we make a conscious effort to pay attention to our own words and our own bodies, we can begin to learn to interpret what energy WE ARE CREATING.

With this practice, we may start to become more aware of what we see, smell, hear, taste, feel (emotionally, energetically as well as tactile), and sense/know. In other words, we begin to expand our own awareness of self; and when we can do that, the heightened sense(s) from a growth spurt are very hard to miss.

Please, if you aren’t experiencing any of this – again – it does not mean something is wrong with you.

Q. I am a sensitive, and I also have migraines. Are the two connected?

A. I am not a doctor, and do not diagnose migraines and/or their causes. I can share, however, my experiences and my interpretations of those experiences with you.

My mother had migraines, and I had migraines (when I was a kid) – so I figured that it was hereditary and I would be stuck with it.

In my late teens/early adulthood, my then holistic practitioner told me that if I quit drinking (cow’s) milk, my headaches would go away.

I was a milk-aholic. Seriously. Give up my 1-2 gallons of milk a day! Blasphemy!

However, the headaches worsened…so I quit cold turkey.

And haven’t had a migraine since.

I asked the practitioner if all migraines were due to milk; he said no. They could be stress related, or some other food or chemical intolerance, electromagnetic overload, etc. – and that each person is unique.

I have heard of some people who work very hard to ignore or block their abilities getting headaches. Some, not all.

So I can’t sit here and say whether or not your migraines are connected to being a sensitive.

Perhaps you can begin exploring by:

  • Practicing shielding
  • See a physician to help you with exploring some possible triggers or causes.

by Jan Toomer


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