(If these have not been determined to be a medical issue)  :

Q. I have been seeing lights. They only show up when my eyes are relaxed. They can appear, dart around and disappear. They are approx. pinhead sized. They show up, dart around, blink out. Any thoughts?

hug-650876_1920-cA. I have seen energy lights from the size you described all the way up to massive balls (mobile or moving portals/wormholes) in the sky. I have seen all sorts of colors (including white) – and each light seems to have an individual energy signature. Some feel as though they are just as curious about me as I am curious about them. Some feel neutral; and a few have felt not so pleasant.

These can be beings showing themselves to you as sparks, or balls, of light. Beings can be attracted by your energy, come and investigate and leave.

I have noticed that, with the smaller sized ones, if I get startled, or focus my attention on them, they will pop out of sight; but if I keep my vision relaxed, they will continue to show themselves.

Once, when I was sitting on a hillside, overlooking a lake, I saw the lights raise up from the water and dance above the water as well as some towards me. Really neat experience.

Q. I have seen lights in or on – like pulsing around things – plants, animals, and inanimate things.

A. As we distance ourselves from the heavy third dimension existence, our 3D perceptions – trained from an early age – may begin to break down…aiding us on perceiving reality, not the illusions we’d grown up with.

Energy is everything and everything is energy. Energy can be perceived, or seen, as light. This is the lighter, less dense vibrations.

For example, in the movie “Lucy”, she begins to see the light/energy/essence of a tree. She is seeing beyond the 3D physical illusions.

Some people can catch glimpses of the light/energy of their reality. Even “manmade” items will exhibit light energy.

Others may see something near them – a wall, for example – begin to pixelate. Then those pixels may appear to float away or disintegrate and show something else behind them.

Think of a painting that is discovered underneath another painting. You strip away the newer, top painting and you can see the painting underneath.

The illusion is removed and we can catch glimpses of reality behind it.

Others may be shifting from seeing non-physical beings in their minds eye to seeing them with physical eyes.

And I am quite sure there are a myriad of other types of experiences of witnessing the illusions breaking down. It all depends on each individual’s perceptions (how they perceive their surroundings) and their life experiences.

One thing, as of now, that they all have in common is this:

If you have an experience at it startles you – or – you bring your eyes into full focus – it disappears. Your reaction can call back the “comfort” of those old illusions.

by Jan Toomer


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