I’ve had a lot of people asking me about Muslims and them “wanting to kill Americans”. I took a portion of one of those emails and will share here (and will be addressing some aspects of other emails as well). Please remember, I am sharing my beliefs, understandings and interpretations.

Q. What is going on in the metaphysical plane with these Muslim souls here on earth, wanting only to kill? Do you have any idea why this is all happening – what is the purpose, the outcome? I cannot comprehend the hatred and evil being put forth. Can you ask your guides for some guidance/reasons? I’m sure other sensitives also feel the negatives which are streaming out.

A. This is definitely a multi-layered and public-sensitive topic. I will address some of the layers.

First – The history of the U.S. (for example – it is the same with other countries as well), and politics is such that we’re supposed to have someone to fear and hate. Seriously. It supposedly drives our economy (and greed) and the government. It is in the government’s interest that we hate/fear someone other than our own country.

Stupid, and has been worked this way for hundreds of years. One of the other reasons is because having a foreign “foe” supposedly unites the country.

For the U.S., some of the past “foes” included Britain (while struggling to become the U.S.), Native Americans, Japan, Germany, Russia, China, as well as various South American governments and the people of the Middle East and Eastern countries. Right now it seems to be the labels “Muslims” and “Syrians”.

Yes, there are some fanatics in just about every facet of human life. But it is grossly incorrect (though encouraged by fear mongering) to think or believe that any skin color/race, religious belief/creed system, country, ethnicity, etc. is all bad, mean, dangerous, and/or wants to kill everyone outside of it’s beliefs.

Second – Negativity is being generated, populated, disseminated — and unfortunately assimilated — in an energetic attempt to keep humans invested in fear. By doing so, we humans allow ourselves to be tied to the third dimension.

The third dimension is all about duality. True/false; light/dark; pain/pleasure; fear/love, etc.

We have “villains” we chose in our “play” (life) for us to learn and grow from; to overcome adversity and learn to bring in light. These are choices made for third dimension experiences.

While we maintain any attachment or anchors to duality, we will be presented with many learning opportunities until we have released our third dimension tethers.

And fear (of anything) is a hefty anchor/tether.

Third – We each have individual choices, on a daily basis, to make in our life.

We each are also part of our own country, state, city, town, neighborhood – and have choices to make with those as well.

When you neglect to make a choice or decision, you are not only allowing the negative behavior or energy to continue, but you allow yourself to be led by a noise-ring.

I am not saying get destructive (fear based). Constructive (positive/love based) decisions and actions are what’s called for here.

The proposed purpose of all of this is:

Physically – politics, fear mongering, mass control, and/or “unity”.

Energetically and spiritually – to grow up (energetically and spiritually). The opportunity to say “no more” to fear, duality, hate, war, etc.

Also, each individual must decide to stay with fear, confusion, anger, hatred…or to rise above it.

We have a choice. We have always had a choice.

What decision will you make?


What is the Outcome?

It is whatever you make it to be. What you allow and won’t allow.



Your thoughts/beliefs on, for example, “rise above it”, may be totally different from mine, and that’s perfectly fine. What works for me, may not work for you.

Here are some of the ways I handle any opportunities to not allow fear into my life.

– I ask myself questions, one of which may be “What am I afraid of?”

At this point, my ego self is quick to point out any negative “worst-case” scenarios it can come up with. Argh…ego is such a drama-queen!

I refuse to invite in, dwell, or create fear to overtake me. I had visualized releasing it, transformed it into pink like, and watched it drift off. Then I visualized filling myself with white light.

– Allowing others their right to their experiences, fear, etc. without accepting it into myself.

Shielding may aid with this.

A childhood saying – for you to recite and visualize in your mind:

“I am rubber – You are glue. Whatever you say (believe) bounces off of me and sticks to you.”

You are not denying anyone their beliefs or fears, but neither are you allowing what doesn’t fit you to be accepted into you/your energy. You can simply return their belief to them.

Simple, but can be effective.

– Reaffirming to self “Only that which is highest and holiest may enter within my being or reality.”

Someone once asked, “Isn’t that just putting on blinders or denying what is going on around you?”

I don’t believe so. I don’t deny what is going on around me, I just don’t wish to live in that kind of energy.

We are creators and have the right to state/say that we do not allow that kind of energy around us.

I am not taking away anyone else’s rights or desires to allow anger, hate, fear, or drama into their lives – I’m just not allowing it into mine.

I think I have only barely touched upon this question, but hopefully have provided enough for you to take another look at your fears, re-address it, and change the energy you have concerning it. And then perhaps apply it to other areas that fear may have a hold in your life.

Remember, if the emotion is not of love, it is fear.

by Jan Toomer


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