Q. What does it mean when you post or write “The Truth Will Be Shown”?

A. In the past, I had shared:
Let the truth be known
Let the truth be shown

We are now at:
The truth will be known
The truth will be shown

When I post either of these sayings on Facebook or in an article, it was/is a heads up that something is going to be revealed (or exposed) soon – probably within a week. This something had been a hidden truth (or discredited, disputed, etc.), and it is time for it to be brought out into the light; something that had/has an impact on a lot of people. I’m not always privy as to what will be exposed, but when my team provides me with a heads up, I pass it along to you all.

In the past, when I provided this heads up, it was usually something that was unofficially known (but officially denied) that came to light. Even though the impact of the revealing was long reaching, most people didn’t see it as anything major. I guess maybe it is because we’ve begun to become immune to the governments denials and drama? I don’t have that answer.

So watch, listen and feel. Step back and look at a wider angle of the information brought to light. How has the newest revealing/exposure aided, confirmed, affected or impacted you?

No more blinders…it is time for the truth to be brought into the light.


by Jan Toomer


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