by Jan Toomer

My husband and I took a working vacation – we caught up with some of the projects needing completion around the house and yard.

I also took an evening for my October tradition. Each October, I try to catch at least on of the new “classics”… Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown annual TV family movies and one new family movie.

This year I watched Disney’s Girl vs Monster – and was pleasantly surprised at something the villainess talked about (paraphrased) – “Fear makes monsters”, monsters don’t make the fear.

Once one’s fear creates the monster, the monster then feeds off its creators fear.

Sound familiar?

Each person’s creations, whether positive or negative, will be fed and kept going by the person who created it. This can be through positive uplifting thoughts/energy or negative (fear based) thoughts/energy.

It’s your own fear (aka anger, resentment, jealousy, etc.) that creates your own monsters.

Using the “R” Word

Yes, I am going there again…Responsibility.

By accepting responsibility for your thoughts – and working on creating positive thoughts and positive energy – you become a powerful participant in your life; life then doesn’t happen to you – it happens with you.

Happy creating!

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