Understanding our natural ability to work with energy should not be ‘mysterious’, nor do I believe it to be taboo. I feel that we each do it daily, whether we are aware of it or not.

Through these lessons, you will explore some different metaphysical (psychic and/or intuitive) abilities. What is ‘metaphysical studies’? To me, it is the same as: psychic study; intuitive study; energy study…studying about these abilities and working to find your ability.

You will also learn terminology; create a basic metaphysical foundation and then build upon it – while perhaps re-discovering some ‘new’ depths in your perceptions and expanding your awareness.

You will work on: sensing/feeling energy; honing intuitive skills; being introduced to colors, and how they ‘feel’; and much more.

So maybe your next question would be along the lines of “Why? Why should I learn about this?”

I could create a long list of reasons I feel why you should learn this; but… I am not you. Only you can decide if you are ready to expand your current perception of life.

I am merely offering to be your tour guide on the this journey.

The online (or mail) courses allow you to work on them at your own pace, according to your life schedule.

You can find more questions and answers about the course by clicking “FAQ” and “Class Info” above.

I am a metaphysical consultant and have been instructing metaphysics for over twenty years, and in addition to local in-person classes, I have been asked to offer my metaphysical classes via e-mail (online) or snail mail.

These classes are not accredited by the Department of Education – the Department of Education is not set up to accredit metaphysical courses. These classes are however accredited by the World Metaphysical Association.