I was getting ready to have surgery on my hand, so was focused on the logistics of the pre-surgery to-do list, and the post-surgery to-do list.

A dear friend and I went to lunch. She told me that I needed to get out of my head and move into my heart; and she was right.

2017 is About Moving into the Heart

Moving into trust, compassion and love (heart) and out of fear (mind) can change so much of your life.

Some people perceive coming from one’s heart means to be passive or uninvolved. I don’t feel that is the case. I think coming from the heart is asking you to release fear and look, feel and express your life from your heart. To not get caught up in your fear or others fears. To stand in your own heart energy.

Because we are releasing third dimensional…well…everything, we need to quit reacting.

It is all about how you react to an incident or person; rather, not reacting to an incident or person. It’s how you handle it. Reacting comes from a place of fear, and not coming from the heart. And reacting to something/someone almost guarantees a repeat experience.

An extreme example of fear: War is all about fear – and war has been around for a long time. And frankly, what has changed lately because of it? More fear, more fighting, more killing?

Obviously that fear based method is not working. It’s time to move into the heart energy.

If you do not buy into the fear, your resulting actions (not reactions) will be totally different than your reactions would have been.

Heart energy can stand firm in what is right (spiritually, not egotistically) and work towards healing self and others.

What is our world going to be like when we all step out of the fear?


Taking care of self and moving into the heart may not happen overnight, but as long as you are actively working on them, you begin to free yourself up for the new.

Oh, your efforts will be tested. By you. Your higher self asks the Universe to ask you, “How serious are you about changing ‘X’? Let’s check and see.” And you’ll be provided an opportunity to put it into practice.

Don’t think of this as a pass or fail test. Just the word “test” brings stress. You are asking you if you’ll stick to your new goals, so the Universe provides an opportunity for you to try it out. It also helps in being able to see or find a weak spot in your work. If there is, you can strengthen or shore up that weak area.


The physical senses may become increasingly more sensitive. This may come about in waves or cycles.

A desire, from the physical body, to detox and eat clean live food, will continue to spread.

So What is the New?

In a nutshell, becoming more of the limitless being you are (and forgot), which means the possibilities of what each individual’s “new” will be are infinite – perhaps limited only by your own thoughts and/or imagination.


  • Not only are we working on self, but we are working on a global scale. Yes, it has been, and may still be, a rough road; and will continue to be so until we, all, decide no more hate, dominance, violence, and war and move into heart energy.
  • While we are working on all of this, we are also moving towards balanced energy – not male dominated, not female dominated.
  • The call for clean safe water and clean safe food for everyone will continue and grow.
  • The reality of the damage from Fukushima will become more “real”. It has been hidden from the public, but it won’t be allowed to be hidden or downplayed anymore.
  • Time, as one spiritually grows, will become more elusive. Time really isn’t linear to begin with, so as we distance ourselves from the 3D linear thinking, “time” gets away from us; speeding up, slowing down, or missing (as in just gone).

Visual Changes

One of the benefits of our growth changes or opportunities is that vision (physical sight) is altering. Some reports of seeing or experiencing the following in one’s home, environment and/or area:

  • Seeing moving lights (that are not orbs) inside the home
  • Other world beings
  • Other dimension beings
  • More breaking down 3D Earth’s visual illusions
  • Clearer/ more obvious results of one’s attitudes or energy output, for better or worse.
  • More, unmistakable, results of your thoughts becoming real (again, for better or worse)

How You Decide to Experience

How you decide to respond to a situation or incident will not only show you where you’re at on your journey (blinders off and be honest with self!), but it will also determine whether or not you need to have another similar learning opportunity, or did you “get it”?

Remember, it’s not the event or person, it’s how you handle it, without reacting to it.

I wish us each a fantastic journey for 2017.


by Jan Toomer


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