~ of a Psychometrist ~

A psychometrist* is an energy reader who has the ability to receive information through touch. When they touch an object, item, photo, animal or person they are able to receive information. The information can be received in any number of ways (it depends on the psychometrist and how they perceive), and can include any or all of the following:

  • Mind pictures. These may appear like a photo snapshot or snippet(s) of a film (with or without sound).
  • A knowing. The information comes in as though the psychometrist had knows the information.
  • Feeling. One facet of this may be closely related to “knowing”, where the psychometrist feels the information, like a long lost piece of information one had learned and forgotten they had learned. Another facet is actually feeling (physically or energetically) in their own body. Both are usually information received from a highly charged event or incident.
  • Hearing. Some psychometrists can hear sounds of the event or incident; such as screaming, yelling, arguing, praying, etc.
  • Smelling. Is closely tied to “feeling”, where psychometrist experiences receiving smells tied to the object, item, or person.

Psychometry can be experienced in various degrees of intensity, again usually dependent on the practitioner. Having said that, most everyone has some semblance of this ability.

I have most often seen Psychometry as a stepping stone to other abilities – it is rarely a sole ability anymore (unless it is by choice by the practitioner).

It’s All in the Touch

Have you heard of chakras? The literal Hindi translation of chakra is “wheel of spinning energy”.

A lot of people know about the primary seven Earth body chakras. And some know that chakras are working wormholes (also known as energy vortices). But did you know that our physical bodies have smaller – usually called “minor” – chakras? Some practitioners say that where there are nerve endings, there are chakras.

The chakras we are talking about for this article are the fingertip and palm chakras.

You can “read” energy or energy memories through your fingertips and the palms of your hands, though many people aren’t consciously aware that they do this.

For example: Ever shook hands with someone, and then wiped your hands on your clothing?

Or went to a garage sale or thrift store, picked up an item of interest, put it down and wiped your hand? Or a grocery cart. Or a used book.

This is you responding to a not-pleasant-to-you energy residue left behind on the item you touched. It doesn’t have to be used or old, either; it can be brand new, and still have an energetic residue on it.



Next week, Part Two

by Jan Toomer


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