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Intro and Examples

A medium can see, hear, sense, or know about the other side – usually referring to the deceased.

Those no longer in physical form can spot someone with mediumistic abilities/tendencies; it’s like the medium shines with a specific color or frequency…broadcasting.

This can be rough on anyone not trained or does not understand. Kids are often harassed, and some terrified nightly by those who want to be “heard” or “validated”.

One of the ways someone deceased gets my attention is by a feeling of someone gently pushing on a particular spot on the back of my head. This is, for me, similar to someone knocking on my front door and waiting for a response.

One thing I recommend for all mediums is to set boundaries. What you are, and are not willing to allow.

Some Ways That I Perceive

For me, how I perceive the deceased is varied. I think, though am not 100% sure, that it depends on the being who is working to communicate with me.

Sometimes I see and hear them like portrayed in the film, “Sixth Sense”.

Sometimes it’s like how it’s shown on the TV show “The Haunting Of…” with Kim Russo.

Sometimes it can be whispers, or wisps, of a voice or feeling; or can be flashes of scenes or experiences.

Sometimes I feel, in my own body, what they (the deceased) experienced or what they are feeling or trying to communicate.

And sometimes I see them walking, sitting, etc. just like people with bodies. I do not interact with every ghost, spirit or being.

What’s it Like?

Even for some mediums who know they are mediums, and are trained, a trip to the grocery or department store can be an adventure.

And going to an antique store?…

The building was a warehouse made into a two-story antique slash thrift store. And it was packed.

Shield up  (which I consider a medium’s best tool), and I entered.

A distant hum droned in the background. This is a sound I hear or feel, and it lets me know that there are non-physicals nearby. I directed my mind to not focus on it.

Sensitive or not, the sheer volume of items crammed into this space was overwhelming.

Not every antique or thrift item comes with a ghost; but with so much stuff, the chances of running into someone deceased increases. And it wasn’t long before one was spotted.

I was slightly behind and to the side of him, and was able to watch him unobserved. The man seated on an antique chair had a weather worn face, tired beige-ish work pants and threadbare shirt. He was reading a newspaper from the 1930’s.

He did not indicate any interest, or perhaps awareness, of the current day surroundings, or of me.

I continued on.

One section had travel trunks stacked three tall. I strolled past, stopped, and backed up to the trunks. I smelled lilacs. I took a step away and the smell disappeared. I moved back to the trunks and the smell returned.

I often wonder what the people monitoring the security cameras think when mediums (or maybe it’s just me) react to the unseen.

I began sniffing the trunks to see if any of them were infused with that scent. Nothing but dust, mustiness and a few sneezes.

I stood still and the scent receded.

Staying put, I asked who was there. I caught a very brief glimpse of a slight woman sporting 1920’s or ‘30’s fashion. I saw her walking away while simultaneously fading from view.

It seemed she had not desire to communicate. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on.

In of one of the book sections, I saw a man in a smoking jacket, puffing on a pipe and reading while sitting on an antique couch.

No one appeared interested to speak with me on this trip – which is fine!

It is normally the more mundane places where I can get anything from a gentle approach to being accosted.

I was in a department store with my husband. We had split up in the store.

As I walked down the aisle, I had the sense of someone (non-physical) stepping in behind me.

I ignored the feeling and continued looking for my item. Then a gentle pushing sensation on the back of my head.

I had an item in my hand and was reading the label to see if it was what I wanted. A more aggressive push on the back of my head.

I brushed it away and continued searching for the correct item.

Victory! I had what I needed and turned to go back up the aisle. I had the sense of someone swooping down from above, followed by a hostile push on my head.


I “told” this being that if they needed to talk to me, my business hours for talking with ghosties were….

Boundaries, mediums. Boundaries.

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by Jan Toomer


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