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LizAs our planet continues to evolve into a higher vibration, we are doing the same. For the people that are being awakened right now, the feeling of uneasiness can be very frustrating .

Jan is completely committed to helping anyone make that transformation.

I was very fortunate to meet Jan when I was searching for direction. I knew her credentials were excellent, however, I had no idea how powerful she was. My life was about to change forever.

In her course, she will tell you that she is not teaching you anything that you don’t already know. However, she has this amazing ability to guide you to “remember” these things for yourself, and with little to no effort, you understand, you just know, and it becomes you.

Undefined Reality is a powerful course. You will have proof in a very short time that higher vibration reality is real. Your life will shift dramatically for the better.

I recommend this course to anyone looking for answers. Jan has many abilities which I have found to be very accurate. Her life is an example of the compassion she has for life and she is devoted to helping others through her online course.

Liz Cook
Huachuca City, Arizona

Chris-GJan has abilities I’ve never seen in others – such as taking one in guided meditations (astral travel, past life regressions, etc.) and knowing where you are going; directing the travel even though it’s not her experience.

I was fortunate to become involved with her while contracting a job at her residence in 2002. She is a good friend and fellow lightworker -allowing those she works with to progress at their own pace without imposing her biases upon them.

Jan is a very gentle non-judgmental soul – it is my privilege to know and work with her.

Jan helped me realize we all have metaphysical abilities, they are not hard to do, and the tools in her courses have helped me to help others realize our to long hidden abilities.

Over the years, when I run into a tough one, Jan is always there to answer my questions, provide support, and give invaluable guidance.

Chris L Gaxiola

Jan, I present you with a BLUE RIBBON OF APPRECIATION from my soul to yours. I have watched you lift everyone I have seen you in contact with, of course including myself. The qualities I have seen in you, so few have, is how you are a blessing to everyone you come in contact with. That goodwill towards us is felt by all, whether knowing or unknowing. It is my profound privilege to have some of that wear off on me and watch as it influences the rest of us.
Love Chris L Gaxiola

(For more information about the wonderful Blue Ribbon Program, please visit here –

JD’s Reality Undefined courses are amazing! Her knowledge of metaphysical topics is so vast you’ll want to learn more. She tells her story as she guides you through the courses in a gentle and caring way. She deepens your understandings with clear examples and answers any questions you pose. I highly recommend her services! (from LinkedIn profile)

Jill Moseman

I first “met” Jan through a parapsychology web site forum. After a few postings, she offered readings to other members. I was a bit hesitant at first but finally decided to give it a try. Her reading for me was amazingly accurate! So when she gave me the opportunity to take her on-line course, I jumped at the chance and have never regretted it. My psi experiences have been enhanced since the course and while I still have a lot to learn and experience, the class taught me what I seem to be good at and what needs to be worked on. Perhaps what I appreciate most about her is that you don’t have to totally agree with her about the nature of existence, your belief system is respected even if it differs in some areas than hers.

Michael Way

Jan is an excellent teacher and her ability to explain metaphysical topics to a person who has never had much experience with them is so incredible. Her support with questions about topics is never ending and she is patient. I loved every minute of her class and reading her book. So sorry it has ended.

Kelly Dickson
March 2009

Jan Toomer’s metaphysical classes are beyond awesome.  With her born gift of open connection to her guides, Jan is clear – her path is to enlighten and show each of us that we too, have this gift, and we can develop it. Her teaching manner is very down to earth, casual, very open to questions and discussions on whatever it is you want to know.  I highly recommend you check out her classes.  Thank you Jan for all you do to help Planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants. We do appreciate you so much!

Linda Aragon
Holistic Life Coach
April 2010