One ability I used a lot as a child was animal communicator. We lived in the boonies in Illinois and the animals were my friends. The frogs, ducks, fish, snakes, and other critters were what I played and communicated with, and I continue to use what I have learned.

I also incorporate this communication with Animal Reiki sessions.



Our companions may learn the words “stay”, “out”, “fetch”, “no”, “come” – but they learned them for us.

Our animal companions rely a lot on

  • observing our body language
  • watching our energy
  • our smell
  • our mind talk

to figure out what we are trying to communicate to them.

Body Language

They watch our body language. We each have certain moves that can broadcast our intent, and our companions learn what these moves mean.

Rover may seem to know when you’ve decided to take him for a walk even before you’ve said anything or reached for his leash.

We had adopted a elderly terrier who, after a short time with us, had become deaf. He became depressed and was sometimes frustrated. His energy felt like he felt isolated and confused about why he couldn’t hear anyone.

My husband and I had taken some sign language classes.

Remembering that the animals learn words for us, and that they pay attention to our body language, I decided to try to teach him sign language.

He learned quickly and was soon excited to have the interaction again.

Fortunately for him, after having a thorough exam at the doctors, it was discovered that his ears were blocked with wax. A few flushings and he was back to hearing just fine. We continued use sign language with him to keep him in practice.

And our companions are often more in tune with our bodies than we are. Some dogs, for example, can sense an epileptic seizure coming and can alert their human to move to safer position.

We can observe their body language for clues to what they are communicating to us.

Are they pushing or nudging their empty food bowl? Are they scratching the back door to go outside?

Sometimes we are initially baffled at what they are trying to tell us.

And sometimes what they are trying to communicate can literally be a life saver.

A Helping Hand *

It was garbage pick-up day. Barefoot, I grabbed the garbage bag, held it against my abdomen, and hurried to the back door, and headed for the back alley. Less than half way across my yard, a bird charged me head on. Startled, I stumbled backwards. I moved the bag to my side and dropped it. The bird flew around and landed on the fence in front of me. It yelled and screeched at me.

Confused, I looked to see if perhaps I was about to step on a baby bird that may have landed on the ground during its flight lessons. That’s when I saw the rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Had I taken one more step forward, I would have stepped, barefoot, on it. The bird had just saved my life.

Reluctant to take my eyes off the snake, I took my garbage bag and backed up to the door, then reentered my house.

From there, I watched as another joined the bird. The two birds flew back down to the ground and began a seemingly elaborate dance. At first I couldn’t figure out what they were up to. Then I saw the snake moving. The birds were herding the snake!

I continued to watch as the two harassed the snake, directing him to the fence, then under the fence and finally into the alley.

I understood why those birds herded the snake – it was a danger and needed to be removed from their territory. However, neither of them had to warn me away from the rattler. I was grateful for their intervention.

Watching Our Energy

My dogs and cats throughout the years had ways of changing my energy. If I was ill or injured, they would sit where they could touch me and then go to sleep. Or, with the cat, purr and sleep. They worked to calm and balance my energy which was depleted from the imbalance.

And most can see our energy. An extreme example of this is when I became a Reiki practitioner and then Master.

I had come home one night from my Reiki class where I received my Reiki II Level attunement.

My cat, Jasmine, met me at the door – something she’d never done before.

She wove around my legs and chirped continuously as I worked my way – trying not to trip over her – into the kitchen to make me some dinner. All while the cat chirped, purred and rubbed up against my legs.

The behavior continued through dinner.

After dinner, I sat on the couch and Jasmine jumped in my lap – her purr outrageously loud now.

I laughed and asked her what was she doing.

She told me that I smelled “yummy”. Okay…

I asked her to tell me what she was talking about. I remembered what the instructor had told us in class – animals know when someone has received a Reiki attunement and they will react.

I asked my cat why this was any different from any other energy work I have done in my life – she said that this was more focused and refined.

I was a bit put off by that…I have been doing energy work of some kind or another since I was a small child. I decided to ask my guides about what she said.

They confirmed what she’d said. They explained it was like going from wild scattered energy to a focused laser-beam. And my cat saw the difference.


My cat at the time, Ming, had begun to climb up my body, stretch her neck so that she could put her head up to mine, then pull back a bit and put her nose to my bottom lip. Then she’d back up a bit and look deeply into my eyes.

This may not sound like strange behavior from a cat – except this cat was a “do not touch me” cat – so this behavior was very strange.

She would do this off and on – over and over for weeks – but I was never able to figure out the reason or see a pattern.

A few weeks later, while was at my doctor’s appointment, I found out that I had developed severe blood sugar problems.

The doctor told me that a person’s breath odor changes when the blood sugar drops – it becomes sweet, almost fruity, smelling.

It turned out that Ming was trying to alert me that my body had changed and was in distress.

Some animals can tell when something is going to change or is changing in their human just by the human’s scent. Many with blood sugar issues, PTSD, seizures, etc. have benefited from an animal alerting them of a possible episode.


We are going to shift a little bit now and I would like you each to think about the constant noises in your day.

Refrigerator, ice maker, dishwasher, washing machine, fans, air conditioner, heater, kids, neighbors, cars, trucks, office noises, people talking.

If you stop a moment and think about it, there are a LOT of noises in your environment. Over time you’ve learned to relegate those to background noises to be ignored. You only notice when a sound is out of place or sounds off, right?

Now think about your mind chatter. The self talk, the reminders, the lists, the constant thoughts as you go through your day.

– I need to pick up milk before I go home tonight
– Dang! I forgot to sign Jamie’s permission slip!
– Wish the traffic would move, I hate being late
– What is that lady doing?
– I like the color I painted my nails last night.

We seem to have a lot of internal dialoguing going on. And our animal companions have learned to ignore it. Background noise.

Because they have learned to tune our mind chatter out, they may not respond right away to your attempts to non-verbally communicate with them. That’s okay. Remain persistent. When they realize that you are intentionally directing your thoughts to them, they usually get excited.

I want to stop a moment and talk about one word that animals do not recognize.

They don’t recognize the work “NOT”. When you say to them, “Do not pee on the carpet,” they hear, “Do pee on the carpet.” Though it is not your intent, you actually send them a picture of them peeing on the carpet. Then they get royally confused when they did what you told them to do and then you got angry about it.

Instead tell and show them – which we’ll get into in a minute – what it is that you want them to do. Remove “NOT” from your vocabulary and thoughts when communicating with them.


* = Taken from Undefined Reality e-booklet 

Animal Communication – Part Two (of two) Next Week

by Jan Toomer


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