I’ve included a sample distant Reiki Session with Energy Read/Interpretation as well as a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section.

I am not a doctor/vet. Please see your doctor for any medical issues. I am a non-therapeutic and non-medical complementary and alternative health care practitioner and am not licensed (there is no licensing).



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Q. What is a Animal Reiki session with Energy Read/Interpretation?

A. Reiki is an energy modality. It can aid in relaxing the recipient as well as aiding in promoting healthy energy flow.

The distant Energy Read/Interpretation is, if available from the animal, an option that can provide you with what the animal shared or communicated, such as where s/he hurts, has an imbalance or an irritation. Sometimes they will share glimpses of experiences.

I can’t say its all inclusive, but it does appear to be what is foremost in concern, irritation and/or discomfort in your animal. Your animal can possibly aid you and your vet in focusing in on areas of irritation or imbalance.

Q. You are across the country from me. Do you need to come see my animal to do this?

A. No, I do not need to be in your area to read or provide Reiki to your animal(s). Distance is not an obstacle; energy does not recognize distance. I usually need your name, your animal’s first name (not the formal name — the name usually used with this animal), and what it is (dog, cat, horse, etc.).

Q. Is this the same process if a human wants a distant Energy Read/Interpretation?

A. Yes, with the exception of a human outline being used. I still read the energy and annotate what I perceived and where.

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by Jan Toomer


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