New Chakra System

Some healers have noticed that some client’s chakra system has changed. The colors, quantity, feel, etc. The more a person moves into the fourth dimension, the more the energy bodies will alter and adjust. Here’s the 3D Chakra System:        ...

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Not Set in Stone

We are in a place that we are being asked these questions, or we are asking our selves these questions. What is it you want? Is your hobby or career making your soul feel fulfilled? What is calling to you or for you? After my hand surgery in December, followed by...

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News and Views – March 6, 2017

Seeing Your Soul Growth Take a look at the animal totem Mouse, which represents scrutiny and paying attention to the minute details. Mouse energy sees that which is right in front of them. Eagle, however, has keen eyesight as he soars above and is able to see a bigger...

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Energy Update – March 3, 2017

Relationship Upheavals Quite a few people may be confused, surprised, frustrated by, or stuck smack in the middle of, a relationship upheaval. The keyword for this round of energy tweaking is Relationships, and will continue until it’s all cleared up and cleared out....

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Peeking Through the Haze

I watch. Okay, that sounded a bit creepy; let me try that again. I watch what’s put out on social media – videos, photos, words and posters. I watch people around town; what they say, feel, do and project. I watch people’s responses. I watch the energy included (or...

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Energy Update – February 13, 2017

Energy Download Symptoms With each energy surge (download or shift), our physical bodies experience changes – some are temporary, some are permanent. Temporary The temporary symptoms show up as we energetically and physically work on adjusting to and incorporating the...

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The Past is Here, Now

Drowning in a sea littered with: - Racism - Fear - Hate - Entitlement - Separatism - Blame games - Greed - Deception - Cyberbullying In the big picture (energetically) it really didn’t matter who became our president. We were going to have to face and appropriately...

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What Abilities Do You Use in Consultations?

Everything is energy, and everything is connected, so the delineation lines blur as to what ability is used when and where. Though using my own simplified definitions, I mainly use the following in consultations: Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyance Medium = one...

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2017 Is About Moving into the Heart

I was getting ready to have surgery on my hand, so was focused on the logistics of the pre-surgery to-do list, and the post-surgery to-do list. A dear friend and I went to lunch. She told me that I needed to get out of my head and move into my heart; and she was...

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