Acknowledging Your True Feelings and Thoughts

Words, written and spoken, are very powerful. With just one sentence a life can be changed forever…either destroyed or uplifted.

The words that come out of our mouth can also tell us a lot about what we are perceiving on a non-physical level.

Subconscious Talking Out Loud

We interact daily on an energetic level, but we aren’t always consciously aware. However, our subconscious sometimes speaks out, verbally saying what we are not consciously aware of picking up.

For instance: My then elementary school aged child was having some problems at school. They informed me that she was sluggish; her skin color was off and she was slightly nauseous.

At the time we could call a nurse hotline for assistance. I told the nurse what the school had said. The nurse asked me to look at my daughter and describe what I saw.

I told the nurse that my daughter looked like a wilting flower. The nurse chuckled and said that my description was accurate; my daughter was dehydrated.

We hadn’t lived in the Southwest for very long and hadn’t realized that we needed to really increase our daily water intake. I think my subconscious mind knew more than my conscious mind had picked up on.


Our vocalization of our feelings or observations can be clues to what’s happening behind the scenes.

“I don’t feel like myself today.”

“I haven’t felt like myself since I had surgery.”

“I haven’t felt right since I went to the concert (grocery store, park, etc.)”

These can be warnings that you might have an attachment*. Note: The first one may also be an indicator of an imbalance – such as a flu bug -which hadn’t quite fully manifested yet, leaving one to feel slightly off.

When we have a hitchhiker being (attachment) we can pick up on their life memory addictions, ailments, dislikes, etc.

Speaking Our Mind

We have become very well versed in guarding and filtering our true thoughts or feelings that sometimes they will come out of our mouth without consciously wanting it to.

Some of us who are not professionals in the mental health field may have a laugh or two when a friend has a Freudian slip. In layman’s terms, we verbally said what we truly thought, even going against our filtered and guarded thoughts and/or the accepted “norm”; and then we are usually embarrassed that it came out of our mouth.

Do You Say What You Feel?

My husband said I am too honest or that I am honest to a fault; I normally say what I feel.

I understand what he was saying, but I work hard to be honest with my thoughts and feelings, and part of my life job is to share my experiences with others (like in this blog) so that others won’t feel alone or perhaps my words will help someone.

More times than I care to think about, it has turned out that when I guard, filter or ignore my true thoughts or feelings on something (or someone) – and don’t speak up (not necessarily aggressively) – it bites me in the behind (creates turmoil).

I understand being diplomatic and cautious about timing – you certainly don’t want to yell out “I hate this job!” to your boss or co-workers; that would be hazardous to your income and probably inhibit your ability to find other employment when you are fired.

We also don’t have to be aggressive about it at all.

I recommend acknowledging your true feelings and thoughts – not necessarily sharing them with the whole world – but also not ignoring them. Please be responsible with your honesty!


I challenge you to actually actively listen to what you say this week. Are your words a true reflection of what you are feeling/thinking? (Again, be responsible!)

Is your subconscious trying to get your attention about something? (Don’t drive yourself nuts with this one!)

*(Attachment/hitchhiker beings are non-physical beings that intentionally or unintentionally entered into our energy fields; however, attachments are not the only reason on may be thinking/feeling that way.)

by Jan Toomer


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Energy Signatures – Part Two

(Part One)

Following an Energy Signature

Once you have trained yourself to “listen”, “feel” or “sense” energy signatures, you can begin to follow those signatures, much like the rescue dog following a scent trail.

A friend called one day – he was in a panic because he couldn’t find his wallet.

Now, this doesn’t happen all the time for me…but I could see where his wallet was. After I told him it was down in between the seat and the seat back of his friend’s car, he argued with me. He told me that he had already looked and it wasn’t there.

I was persistent in what I saw. He huffed, said “Fine! I’ll go look again.”

He called back and apologized and then thanked me. It was right where I’d said it was.

We infuse our energy signature into our “stuff”. The longer we have had it and used it; the stronger we feel about it, then the more energy we infuse it with. It’s kind of like marking our territory – just not quite as messy or odoriferous as when dogs mark territories outside.

I was able to follow my friend’s energy signature from him, to his wallet (which was infused with his energy signature) to locate it.

So why aren’t I making mega bucks in doing things like recovering stolen or lost items? First, it doesn’t always work for me – especially when I want you to find it as badly as you do. Sometimes it just doesn’t work and I may not know the reason why.

Secondly, energy signature can be overwritten or removed on objects.

Think of a thumbnail drive. You put your stuff on it; someone comes along and borrows it. They delete your stuff so that they can put their stuff on it. Same principle.

Additions to Energy Signatures

Energy signature, or flavors, can also have additions to it. 

1.    Attachments (which we are not addressing here today)
2.    Illness or trauma
3.    Emotions

Though we touched on numbers two and three briefly – we are now going to look a bit closer.

A signature can feel off, wobbly, heavy or “wrong” when additions have been made to an energy signature. With an illness or trauma, the signature might have a spot on it or maybe feel off/wrong in one area of the being’s signature; for example an arm, toe, or side of the head.

Emotions can affect the whole signature by overlaying a feeling or sense of:

  • Feeling deflated (depression or feeling down)
  • Prickly (anywhere between annoyed and angry) or spiky
  • Waves (worried)
  • Question marks (I “see” them when someone is curious or is getting ready to ask a question)
  • A rubber ball bouncing off walls, ceiling, floors, etc. (excited)
  • Icicles (fear)
  • Frozen, like someone hit a pause button (shock)
  • Slimy, oily (deceitful, lying, manipulation)

This list is partial, and how I perceive these additions.

Out of Body

Just like with past life dreams, when we are out of body, we are able to recognize others not necessarily by their physical body appearance or attributes, but rather by their energy signatures.

After we die and leave our physical bodies, and cross over – we remember that names are primarily for the physical human world since we had forgotten, once in a body, to recognize each others signatures.

by Jan Toomer


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Energy Update – April 10, 2014

As with other past energy bursts to pass through – especially around full moons – we see an increase in violence and people “losing it” or doing things others had never thought that person was capable of doing.

Energies are once kicking into high gear – and I am pretty sure you each have felt or witnessed it in action.

This upcoming full moon (April 15th) energy download has already begun, and I – for one – am getting blasted pretty well. Now I am saying that as though it is a bad thing… it is, however, (for me) a bit uncomfortable. Blech!

The feeling of being tired – oh so tired; dragging; either not getting enough sleep, or not sleeping; weird incidents witnessed or experienced; purging (sweating, crying, etc.).

The upcoming full moon, and eclipse energies, portends upheaval and change. I am not saying it is of the apocalypse. We all know, hopefully by now, that upheavals are done to shake things up, clear it up, clean it up and move into a better space/energy…of which, we as a world, have already been experiencing bouts of this kind of cleansing.

Keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Please help yourself by staying out of the dramas; stay centered and balanced; shield if needed.

by Jan Toomer


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Energy Signatures – Part One

(The following was the opening introduction topic to A Lightworker’s Gathering held on March 20, 2014. This is only the introduction topic. The resulting discussions, and additional topics, are not presented here.)

Remember, I am sharing my experiences, beliefs and interpretations. Please take what fits you and release the rest.

I want you to think of a food or dish that you really don’t like. I mean really don’t like. I want you to remember its smell, texture, taste. Think about putting it into your mouth.

How does it make you feel? What is your body doing while you entertain the memories of this food?

Now I want you to think of your favorite food or dish. Remember its smell, texture and taste. Think about putting it into your mouth.

How does it make you feel? What is your body doing while you are revisiting the memories of this food?

Ever notice how, when you buy a new scent (say shampoo, body soap, perfume or cologne, etc.) that it smells really good…but after a month or so, you really don’t smell it anymore? It is like you have incorporated it into the overall smell of you. Others can still smell it, but you don’t really seem to notice it anymore?

Or the scent of your house; to you it smells like home. To others, the smell is unique and distinct to your home.

Now think of a loved one or friend’s hair smell. What does it smell like? Does it remind you of something? When you are away from that person, yet smell a similar scent, does it make you think of your friend or loved one?

How about a co-worker or friend’s perfume or cologne? Do you like it or not? Does that particular scent make you think of that co-worker or friend?

So how many of you could smell that a particular person had been in a room even though they were long gone? You smelled the residue of that person’s scent.

We rely a lot on scent for identification; we identify certain scents with a person, place, incident or memory.

Search dogs use their sense of smell to track someone. They are given a comparison scent (such as used clothing) to seek and follow. The comparison scent is unique to each individual.

The idea is that their brains and noses register the comparison smell and then they sniff and air, ground, whatever seeking that particular scent and ignoring the other scents in the area. Once they latch onto their target scent trail, they work to follow it as far as the scent travels and is available to them.

Energy Signatures

An energy signature – or energy flavor – is the vibration or frequency of each individual being. It is similar to a scent trail and a signature is unique to each individual being.

When we had lived in Arizona, we purchased an older home. When we moved in, we began the work to update the house (it still had original everything from nineteen sixty-seven).

I began to notice that when I left the house and came back, I would feel that someone – someone unknown to me – had been in the house. I blew it off the first few times, but I eventually “listened” to myself and knew that someone kept entering the house.

After asking around the neighborhood, we found out an elderly gentleman down the street had a key to our house. He was originally given a key to keep an eye on the elderly person who used to live in our house. I am pretty sure he noticed that the house was different on the inside now.

Turns out he was just curious; he wanted to see the changes occurring. Yep, we changed the locks.

But I could feel his signature in the house, lingering like a scent trail; a signature that wasn’t recognized, didn’t fit and didn’t belong.

Energy signatures can be temporarily enhanced through emotions. For parents, this is evident when a child – perhaps one that cannot yet articulate what (s)he feels – is not feeling well even though there are no visually noticeable signs yet. The child’s energy signature has warbled due to the imbalance. The signature is the same, but now has an imbalance in the energy signifying illness.

If they have their back to you and no one has spoken a word or moved, can you tell if a friend, spouse or child is upset or angry? Most likely yes, because their energy signature has now been flavored by those emotions. The core signature hasn’t changed; it just had something temporarily added to it.

Past Life Connections

Every had a dream where you knew the person in it was so-and-so, yet (s)he looked nothing like (s)he does now? These are usually past life memories of that person or your time with that person.

Why are you able to recognize that person? Most people say they realized who it was when they looked into their eyes. “The eyes are the windows to the soul” is a very appropriate saying. By looking into someone’s eyes, you are “seeing” their soul; their essence; their flavor; their signature.

Energy Signatures will be continued next week.

by Jan Toomer

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Divine Appreciation

Hubby and I just returned from our road trip – this time to San Diego (and all points in between); as we played tourist and took in some of the sites (and sights), hubby and I also people-watched.

One day after touring a haunted house and neighboring old cemetery, we headed to one of the restaurants recommended by our hotel. There an older teen/young adult was busy waiting and busing tables.

I was attracted to his energy, but not quite sure why; I switched to the other sight and watched him a bit more. I was pleasantly surprised by what my other sight showed; humility, grace and divine appreciation.

He glowed.

As he went to bus yet another table, I noticed that when his hand touched the tip that had been left on the table top, he stopped, lowered his chin to his chest and said a prayer…thanking the Source for the blessings he just received. He put the tip in his pocket, cleaned the table and moved on to the next table.

I was in awe; but there was more. As he turned I was able to see behind and slightly to his left…there was an angel behind him. The angel was following him.

The angel was there as an answer to at least one of his prayers.

I was honored to have had the privilege to witness that beautiful incident of energy exchange and divine appreciation.

What Did it “Look” Like?

With regular sight, the young man moved gracefully and with purpose; he appeared relaxed, calm and grateful to be there.

Other sight showed a steady white with gold energy emanating from him and evenly distributed around his body.

When he moved into divine appreciation, the energy around him flared brighter and then the most beautiful pink – which originated from his heart chakra – shot up, out of the top of his head and straight up to the Source.

What is “Divine Appreciation”?

It is saying “Thank You”, being sincerely grateful and appreciative of a person, place, incident or thing.

For me, it brings a sense of awe along with a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation that floods my whole body. I have: cried; laughed; danced; or had been very still when experiencing divine appreciation (or divine gratitude).

It is nothing like the automated, depthless or sometimes flippant and without thought “Thank you’s” that we pass around.

It is in the moment, and staying in the moment, while being grateful. It comes from the heart and can be felt throughout the whole being.


Try to be in divine appreciation at least once a day this week.

Feel free to share your experiences here (under Comments) – how did it feel to you?

by Jan Toomer

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Your Meta-Questions March 2014

I am offering my experiences, understandings and beliefs. Please take what fits you and release the rest. You assume all risk and responsibility.

Q. I can’t tell what a person is going to say before they speak, but I can tell AS they speak. Is there a term for this?

A. I believe this is a pre-cursor to mental telepathy.

When someone is focused on me and preparing (focusing their thoughts) to talk to me, I can sometimes hear it all before they opened their mouth. It is because they are directing that thought to me.

Another way it can happen is that they may get two or three words out of their mouth and I get mentally “downloaded” with the rest of their thought before they finish speaking.

One other suggestion is that it may be a short time jump experience (precognition – glimpse of the future). Instead of time jumping (precog.) minutes, hours, days, etc. before, you are jumping seconds ahead.

Q. A psychic told me that I am psychic. Do you have any book suggestions or tips on getting started?

A. “Psychic” is a very generic term. I recommend you refine your search to an aspect of being psychic to start with. For example: If you hear/sense/see or ‘know’  spirits communicating with you, then you may want to explore mediumship.

A medium can communicate with the deceased.

A mental (or spiritual) medium is one who ‘hears’ or ‘knows’ (and can include ‘seeing’ or ‘sensing’) what a deceased person is saying and can communicate the message to another person.

A trance (or physical) medium is one who allows the spirits to enter and use their body (I am not a fan of this and do not recommend it).

Q. I hear others’ thoughts; I sometimes am told what will happen; and sometimes recognize future people in my life. I am stressed.

A. It sounds like you are wide open. The first thing I would recommend is to learn shielding. Shielding can aid in putting a buffer between you and the other human’s energies (and perhaps thoughts).

Get creative (and be responsible) with your visualizations to control your abilities. I recommend visualizing a volume knob, where you can turn down the volume of others’ thoughts.

You (and everyone else) have a team of guides* that works with you. You can ask their assistance; just be specific with what you are asking.

This also goes for being told what is going to happen. You can perhaps control it with a high – low (or on – off) volume knob.

I requested my team to only allow the information that I can do something about to be brought to me. This kept the “chatter” and miscellaneous or random information from coming in so much.

As for recognizing future people – this sounds like precognition (catching future glimpses).
Q. What can I do to become more in touch with my guides?

A. I talk to them (sometimes out loud when I am alone – otherwise in my head) the same way one would talk to their best friend. They already know your life history (and you pre-life history); they know the good, bad and ugly of you and your life. They do not judge, and they are with you to help.

When I need help, I tell them my problem or issue and I ask for help*. This is what our team/guides are here for. We each have a team, and to me, it seems to be a shame to not include them in our life.

When I ask for help, I keep myself open as to how they will answer. It may be:

  • A sudden thought, insight, inspiration or an epiphany.
  • Words in a song, or written words that seem to jump out at you or grabs your attention
  • A flower, a bug, an animal, a cloud.

One never knows how the answer will come.

* Note:
I can’t emphasize enough for each person to ask their teams for guidance and assistance.

Your team consists of your guides (also known as guardian angels). Your guides – as well as Angels – are not allowed to help unless you ask them to help. We have free will, so we must decide to ask, and then decide to accept their help.

by Jan Toomer

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