The Gift of Fear

I continue to work on healing and releasing my third dimensional-ness.

I was frustrated while working on one of my recent issues-for-release. I felt like I was on a vicious merry-go-round. I noticed that I still carried the fear-energy that I possessed when I was a child.

Even though the adult-Jan healed and released energy imbalances from a past unhealthy relationship, I discovered that I still hid and harbored fears as the child-Jan.

So basically, the adult-me took care of the adult fear connection. Now I needed to address, resolve, release and heal the child-Jan’s shoved-deep-inside-fears of yesteryears.

I called my team and asked for guidance.

I was shown me standing. The front of me was clean and brightly lit.

My backside showed multiple tethers hooked into the skin on my back. Each tethered hook ended in a cast iron anchor which sat on the ground.

I thanked the fear for keeping me alert and alive as a child, and told the fear that it was no longer needed.

I gently removed each hook from my back, freeing me from those anchors. I cleansed and soothed my back with love and light.

And stepped forward.

The Gift of Fear

We are – daily – offered the gift of fear.

We are free to accept this gift. With accepting it comes the anchors and an addictive need to perpetuate the fear. Our energy becomes dedicated to fear.

We are free to reject the gift of fear. With rejection, we are then gifted with the energy to focus on more healthy things…like compassion and love.

There are some gifts I just don’t want anymore, thank you.

by Jan Toomer


Feeling the Call

We are feeling the push. “Move forward”, “Get back to work”, “It’s time”, etc.

Yet for some of us, as we work to get back to work, we are finding speed bumps – or in some cases – walls. These are slowing us down, detouring us or stopping us altogether.

This energy feels different than the Mercury Retrograde (which slows down, detours, etc.) and began well before Mercury went Retro; but, it very well may add to it.

A friend and I mulled this over recently, sounding it out to one another.

I cannot speak for her, but what follows are my thoughts on it.

We are feeling the draw, or feeling the call, to get back to working with the public.

We are being presented with speed bumps, etc.

We, I believe, were trying to go back to doing things the way we did them before.

We are no longer in sync with “before”. We are beginning to work more in depth with the new energies.

We are the wayshowers, the ones who clear the path. We have to find and learn the new way and then show it to others.

Okay, so that answered some questions, but it also brought up a new question….


Sorry folks, it is a work in progress.

But I can say this – we’ve already begun working a bit this way, so it will be a matter of refining and expanding it.

I will share as things click into place.

So, to be continued…

by Jan Toomer


Your Meta Questions – October 2014

Q. There are so many different views and/or techniques for energy work out and about. How do I tell which one is right?

A. Let’s review:
- Everything is energy and energy is everything.
- Your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes create your reality.

Which means that everyone’s techniques are right, and none of them are right.

It is your belief and intent that makes it a correct – or incorrect – technique for you.

A technique must first resonate with you.

If you do not understand a technique or it’s wording or intent; if there is something about a technique that makes you uncomfortable or it feels ‘off’ or ‘wrong’, then do not use it! Listen to self.

Next, you have to believe a technique will work – whether it’s your technique or someone else’s. It’s a knowing deep within you – or perhaps faith, that you know it will work. That is your intent. And your belief and intent drives the technique.

And last, don’t be afraid to learn someone’s technique (that resonates with you) and then change it. Let’s take the shielding technique on this blog. I suggest that you tailor it to fit you.

This technique words for me as-is. It might work for others as-is. However, there are also some who feel it is not right for them as-is and may tweak it or change it. For example – instead of using white light, someone may use another color – or the color may be different each time they shield themselves.

Q. I am empathic and have some premonitions. I now have a newborn and am concerned. He seems to be empathic also, only stronger than me. Do I need to worry? What can I do to help him?

A. I usually recommend a shielding technique to create a buffer so the empath won’t feel so overwhelmed by others emotions or feelings.

A parent can also shield their children (up to the age of 18, except for extenuating circumstances).

You can also shield your pets and property.

Abilities generally do run in a family line. Your son is lucky to have a parent who will understand his sensitivities and/or abilities as he grows.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – October 2, 2014

I have had calls, emails, and texts with those who are concerned with what is going on energetically.

  • Unusual Experiences
  • Weird Feeling
  • Panicky Feelings
  • Feeling “Off”
  • Observing – local deaths, crime waves, mental imbalances, illnesses

What the Heck is Going On?

We are approaching Mercury Retrograde (on the 4th). Many sensitives (and Virgo’s) can experience the effects of this about a week earlier than the start date. (See Mercury Retrograde for more information.)

And, as of October 1st (the start date…remember, sensitives can feel it to about a week earlier) – we experienced a meg-boost. What many are reacting to is their first full “trial run”…of completely leaving the third dimension.

As humans, we tend to want to hang on to that which we are familiar with (even if it isn’t good for us) – which includes panicking when we suddenly find ourselves out of the dimension we are so familiar with.

Again, some people cannot handle energy boosts (downloads, spikes, shift, up grades, etc.) and they can either react in fear and/or mentally short-circuit. This can lead to crime waves — with many acting severely “out of character” and/or not remembering doing the crime. Not an excuse though; we are all being held accountable for our actions.

Even for those of us who are riding the waves, we still have experiences as we adjust to the newest energy upgrade.

We can have unusual experiences, and/or feel weird or “off”.

I personally have been getting headaches (headaches are an oddity for me) when I try to work energy the way I have for many years. When I shift my energy work – for lack of a better description – out and away from me – the headache instantly disappears. (I visualize this as working outside of the third dimension energies.)

To and for me, this means I can no longer work energy the third and fourth dimensional way. I must now work it fifth dimensionally (am still working on that one *grin*).

I also feel a little off-balanced.

Unusual Experiences

These can be varied. What may be unusual for one person, may be a “norm” for someone else. Here, I am talking about what is unusual for you.

As we continue cutting cords holding us to the third dimension, we get to experience more and more of other dimensions. This does not mean everyone will experience what I am going to list here – and some will experience things I don’t list in this article.

As we elevate – dimensionally – it brings us closer to other dimensions. This is one reason why ghost sightings are on the rise – as are spirit interactions. (These can be visually seen, seen in the mind’s eye, felt, or just knowing they are they and knowing some information about them.)

Some may see tears or holes in the dimensions and get a glimpse of “elsewhere” (I love when this happens, it looks so cool to me!).

Some will have more memories of astral traveling or out-of-body experiences.

Some may feel more connected to the energy of nature or all beings – or may feel a wholeness in connection they have either never felt before, or only had glimpses of before.

Some may have sudden comprehension, even if only for a moment, of how another person feels – deep down inside.

All of these experiences are tied to us all being connected – to everyone – on every dimension. These experiences can aid us in feeling snippets of the connections, as well as calling our attention to compassion for others.

With compassion, we do not absorb or get tied up in another’s experience/drama or pain. We are, however, afforded an opportunity to acknowledge and accept another’s right to their experiences and pain.

All of these examples are us, as humans, having conscious experiences in expansion.

When we are no longer in a physical body, expansion is normal and everyday for us. How cool is it that we are beginning to experience it more while in human bodies?

So What Do We Do With This?

Breathe, allow, and trust.

Breathe deeply and slowly. This helps us to calm down. Fear doesn’t help.

Allow the experiences to enter your life.

Trust that your Creator, Higher Self and team knows what they are doing…even if you feel uninformed on “their” plans. Which are really your plans too, you just may not remember.

I observe these new experiences. I work to see each day, and the experiences that each day entails, as an adventure. What “new” will I learn today? What “new” will I experience today? I get excited to see where the energies will bring me.

I don’t always “get it” when the experience happens. I may only get it in hindsight, or consciously miss the day’s adventure all together…but that is okay with me. I know that my Higher Self and subconscious get it and have the information I need. And I know my conscious mind will be provided the information if/when I consciously need it.

Breathe, allow and trust.

by Jan Toomer


Mercury Retrograde

Oct 4 – Oct 25

Jan 21 – Feb 11
May 18 – Jun 11
Sep 17 – Oct 09

Mercury goes Retrograde (appearing to move in reverse) three times a year for about three weeks.

I am not an astrologist, but I am energetically familiar with the energies this event brings to us.

Miscommunication. Verbally, telephonically, email, text, etc. Things get misrepresented, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. Arguments, important discussions, etc. really shouldn’t be allowed to become heated, especially during Mercury Retrograde.

Contracts, Projects. Delays or needing to be redone (see “Miscommunication”). It is not exactly a good idea to start a new contract, project, etc. between the Retrograde dates. Contracts and projects that begin after the Retrograde start date may go wonky. Having said that, I have had success with beginning a contract or project BEFORE the Retrograde begin date and have had it be successful.

Delays. Mercury Retrograde can be a lot like walking and moving forward in a vat of molasses…slow and a bit aggravating. Things can get delayed; you could feel like you’ve taken six steps forward and two or three steps backward. Also expect delays or rescheduling for appointments. This also goes for transportation (planes, buses, trains, etc.).

Electronic Glitches. As if miscommunication, wonkiness, delays or vats of molasses aren’t enough, electrical and electronic glitches can occur, including land lines, cell or smart phones, computers, internet connections. Oh, and don’t forget transportation (a lot of computerization in transportation now-a-days).

Mercury Retrograde gives us the opportunity to slow down; be more present  in the “now”; review all aspects of our life. Going within and introspection are key phrases during this Retrograde.

We can get frustrated easily and crankiness can emerge.

Mercury Retrograde also gives us a chance to practice patience…a lot.

Take slow deep breaths and let them out slowly. Allowing stress to build is not a very good idea at any time, but especially during Mercury Retrograde.

Though the start and end dates are listed, some (especially some Virgo’s and some sensitives) may begin experiencing it up to a week before the start date.

Laughter (genuine, not mean) is a great stress buster and I highly recommend it – especially during Mercury Retrograde.

And don’t forget grounding activities (in moderation and in one’s skill set) can help. Gardening, walking, swimming, etc. and “hands on” activities.

I know this probably sounds like I am only showing negative about Mercury going Retrograde, but that is not the case. I am providing information of what may be affected during Mercury Retrograde so one does not feel like they are experiencing this alone and also being armed with information can make the time go more beautifully.

Mercury Retrograde’s role is very important. We spend a lot of time looking and living outward and we may forget self.

Inner work, introspection, self-awareness (not to be confused with selfishness) and self-growth is what this time is for.

by Jan Toomer


News and Views – September 22, 2014

The previous News and Views were channeled from two deceased humans who had lived in my lifetime; crossed over and are now working with those who are still in human bodies.

This next one is channeled from another being who has worked – from the other side – with humans for a very long time.

To help streamline, I will consider the previous two presenters as presenters #1 and #2. That makes the following from presenter #3.

Holding Back

Many messages have been presented about standing in your truth and being true to yourself.

Many have understood and worked towards these goals, but I’d like to go a bit more in depth.

We are not trying to undermine your progress, and are very proud of your hard work.

As people’s abilities surface, some are holding back – either hiding the ability or hiding the strength of the ability.

If you think about that action (holding back), it really isn’t standing in your truth.

We aren’t saying step into ego – only to own and accept responsibility for all of you.

When you don’t accept all of self, then there is still fear. Perhaps “programming” to feel “normal” and be accepted by your peers or society is what holds you back.

Not only are many others experiencing this, but many also feel very alone with this.

You are not alone. Your teams (guides) are with you to aid you with this.

Please embrace your being and your abilities. It’s time to accept and claim you.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


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