News and Views – July 21, 2014

Two deceased beings (humans who lived, died, crossed over and are now working with in-body humans) popped in repeatedly over the last two weeks. Today they requested that I begin writing down what it is they want to share – their messages or insights. (Names are withheld for the families privacy.)

- – -

Please Don’t Judge Someone by Their Physical Appearance

Weight, skin color, hair color, eye color, disability, clothes, hygiene, etc.

All of those things are distractions and illusions.

None of those things are the soul within.

When you judge, you are only seeing your own fears mirrored in another being.

Judging others simply limits your own growth.

We each have no idea what a person’s soul plan is, what they have been through or what their purpose is on this planet.

Look into their eyes – feel their soul – know that every being matters!

Channeled by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – July 21, 2014

Word has come down that we are expecting at least two more energy shifts before the next full moon.

The feeling with it is “stirring stuff up”, with the energies being a bit stronger than the super-moon download we had earlier this month. So hang on to your boot straps! *grin*

This energy will help to kick start any stuck or stagnant manifestations or energy in your reality – as per each individual’s soul plan.

This means some will feel it, some won’t. It is all good either way.


  • Keep to positive thoughts, words and actions.
  • Strive to stay in the “now”.
  • Monitor your daydreaming and thoughts…ask yourself “Is this something I really want to manifest?”
  • Laughter
  • Slow deep breaths if feeling overwhelmed.

by Jan Toomer


Singular Random Incidents – Part Two

Part One

(I am not a medical or mental health professional. I am sharing my experiences and my interpretation of my experiences, both physical and metaphysical. My experiences and results are not typical and are unique to me.)

Mystery Remains

But I still had a mystery on my hands.

Three days later I was to meet with the local Brainwave Techs* for an assessment.

The morning of my appointment, as I was brushing my hair, everything fell into place. The path was cleared all the way back to the root…the triggering moment.

I totally had a *duh* moment as it all came together.

The plane incident was early April, and all heck broke loose after that.

Cause and effect.

Fear and anger.

I thought I had resolved the trauma.

I was wrong.

My body and physical words had been trying to get me to pay attention – trying to guide me to help. For example, outside was when I would have severe allergy reactions. So somewhere in my brain, it decided that inside=safety while outside=not safe.

I called hubby, “I had an epiphany!”

“Eww…did you clean it up?’

Yeah, we’re like that.

I explained. He said it made perfect sense.

Moving Forward

During my assessment (mapping session) I saw my team (guides) standing nearby. They – repeatedly – reminded me to stay in body during the mapping. In a show of support, they stayed with me but did not interact or interfere.

My assessment showed that my brain had once again reversed. For me it meant unable to stay asleep at night (my brain took that as night time to be the time to be active) and dragging butt during the day (when my brain decided it should be sleeping). It also meant that them memory and others issues where probably because of the reversal.

We scheduled sessions for me. One session = approx. 1.5 hours comprised of several individual protocols.

Day One

I was going to have two sessions on Day One; one in the morning and one after lunch.

I arrived foggy brained and felt beyond exhausted leaving my body feeling leaded.

An hour and a half later, my body was still tired from the sleep deprivation, but I was mentally alert.

During the lunch break, I opened my vanity mirror on my truck and looked at myself. I saw me! I felt my being was once again present in my eyes.

After the afternoon session, I felt relaxed and alert.

Somewhere in the two sessions, one of the protocols I was asked to think about happiness and joy – what makes me happy and joyous?

I visualized many ideas: photography, friends, animals, water, reading, writing, etc. They were all nice, and they do make me happy, but it still wasn’t THE one thought.

Frustrated, I mentally yelled for my husband. I saw him standing before me (in my mind) and I told him, “I’m frustrated. I need a hug.” As he pulled me into a hug, everything inside of me settled.

I love the movie “Hook” (Robin Williams plays the adult Peter Pan) – and one of my favorite scenes is when Peter proclaims his happy thought (which is needed in order to fly) was his son.

And I found mine – my husband.

Day Two

The night was not the same as it had been. I tossed and turned for a few hours…then woke up 2 ½ hours later. I was drenched in sweat. Again, not like me, I also had a nightmare.

What happened in the dream and the unknown woman in the dream were not important (meaning they were merely props used to get a message across). What did matter was the message of the dream.

My brain had been working to not only “right” itself, but was relaying a message to me as well.

In the dream I had been in a situation that was beyond my control, and felt alone and hard pressed to help with the situation when my husband walked out of the shadows. He helped me – I wasn’t alone. Translation – even though I experienced the airplane incident by myself (it was a situation that was out of my control), I wasn’t alone in getting help or healing in my life.

One of the protocols for this day was one to ‘release’. In 2008, my mental visualization was very vivid and poignant – with large bubbles, which contained scenes from my life, lifting up and leaving me.

This time, I saw red bubbles in the background. They were small, and I wasn’t able to see inside of them…which I knew was okay. I was curious about the red color, and realized is was my symbolism for irritation or inflammation. This could include the allergy overloads I had been experiencing as well…and I said good riddance to them.

Day Three – My final day of sessions.

I did not sleep last night.

I arrived for my morning session feeling beyond exhausted, and I looked the part.

After the first two protocols, I began to feel clear headed again. I was physically tired but not drained or groggy. I was mentally active. I finished my session feeling rejuvenated and calm.

I was informed that the sessions will continue to work on settling in me for about two weeks.

Day Four

Day one after completing my sessions.

I am not sure when I feel asleep after midnight, but I did. I awoke clear-eyed. My body was still physically tired, but I attributed that to three months of sleep deprivation. Don’t get me wrong, last night’s sleep was awesome and I look forward to many more.

I did well until after lunch and then I began to feel worn out. I was tired – but not foggy brained – and felt as though I had spent the morning hiking in the heat.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, writing and drinking lots of water.

Day Five

Two days after final session.

I feel asleep last night at my pre-April normal time and awoke at my pre-April normal time. I had slept all night!

My body also felt less worn out.

I anticipate being back into full swing from this point on. *grin*

Thank You!

* I had contacted the local Brain State Technologies providers at The Healing Sanctuary in Las Cruces at 575-524-2626 (by appointment only – please leave a message).

For other Brain State Technologies locations, visit BST’s website.

by Jan Toomer


Singular Random Incidents – Part One

(I am not a medical or mental health professional. I am sharing my experiences and my interpretation of my experiences, both physical and metaphysical. My experiences and results are not typical and are unique to me.)

 I can far see, which means seeing the most likely outcome for an action or situation – as of that moment – for others.

I can see patterns for others: A led to B which in turn brought you to C. It’s kind of like cause and effect. 

Far see = where it’s most likely to lead (as per that moment). Patterns = (in this case) following it backwards – looking for the root that led that person to the ‘now’ situation.

And just like in most everything else – it’s easier to see it for others.

Not so much for self.

For myself, I discovered that what may have looked like – on the surface – as singular random incidents, were anything but.

April and May

My life went a tad bit wonky in April and May. I knew there had to be a reason but I wasn’t able to see the thread that linked everything together. I couldn’t find what triggered it all. I couldn’t see the pattern.

The winds were particularly horrendous in April and into May. I could literally be outside for up to sixty seconds and whatever it was the winds were blowing in would attack the skin on my face. It would itch something fierce and then spend two to three days peeling and itching.

My asthma went into overload and I had to unbury my nebulizer and get new meds. I hadn’t used a nebulizer since 2008-2009.

June came and went and my sensitivities increased. My allergy sensitivities went through the roof. It seemed like every mild allergy or sensitivity became overwhelming and unbearable.

Leaving home became increasingly more difficult because of the overly exaggerated responses from my body.

I also experienced:

  • I had been seeking sweets (my sweets – not with cane sugar), carbs and/or chocolate to keep me going (energized) throughout the day.
  • Every morning, had a dull headache which grew in strength as the day progressed.
  • Inability to either get to sleep, or to stay asleep – insomnia.
  • Very limited concentration/focus ability.
  • My mind would either bounce and race around with thoughts and/or a thought was slippery…hard to hold onto.
  • Occasional bouts of waves of dizziness and/or nausea throughout the day.
  • Had a constant buzz in the background.

Then my short term memory began to fritz.

I also began talking more and more about my stroke and things I have discovered since I had my Brain State Conditioning™ (now called Brainwave Optimization®) utilizing Brain State Technologies*  (BST) sessions in 2008.

BST in 2008

BST helped reverse many of my symptoms from my stroke and was a tremendous help with some pretty hefty PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) symptoms I had then. (You can find the experience posted here: New Beginnings.)

After I had my initial BST sessions, it was recommended to have occasional “tune-ups”. I spoke to my husband and asked if he would please recommend a tune-up if I seemed to be in need of one.

I never had a tune-up.

It All Comes Together

Last week my husband and I were in town. We were at a stop light. I heard what sounded like a loud plane engine coming towards us.

I ducked.

My heart raced; my breathing became fast and shallow and my palms broke out in a sweat.


A Flashback: I had been out driving one day when I was almost T-boned by an airplane.


It pulled up at the last moment. I felt that I could reach out the window and hit the underbelly of the plane as it went over me.

After yelling at the plane, I called and reported the incident.

The plane was flying way below the radar, and I ended up in its flight path. The police think I may have interrupted an illegal drop.

So here we are now in July, sitting at a stop light and I am ducking from what I perceived as a plane.

My husband gently said, “I think it’s time for a tune-up.”

My response felt like it came from deep within me. I felt my face break into a huge grin; my body was excited…like it was yelling, “Yes! Finally!”

I called when we got home.

Part Two next week.

by Jan Toomer


What’s So Special About You?


Just another cog in a massive machine.

A number who goes through the motions.

Working. Getting paid. Paying bills. Back to working.

One of how many billions in this world…a mere drop in the bucket.

A plain old Jane or Joe.


No. Oh so wrong. There is so much more to you than you may realize.

You matter – a lot.

Your light, your soul, your presence was requested to be on Earth at this time. And you said yes. How cool is that? You were requested.


You are Light and you carry the Light to others…day after day. A Light to help raise Gaia and human-kind to a higher frequency.

What’s Not Needed

-    You don’t have to be a saint.
-    There really aren’t any courses you need to take.
-    You don’t have to suffer or do without.
-    You don’t have to be a doormat.

What Is Needed

-    Your smile.
-    A kind gesture.
-    A random act of kindness.
-    A kind word.
-    Your positive outlook on life.
-    Your joyous laughter.

All of this changes the energy of the world. Ripple effect. You may not see it, but it spreads. Your Light is contagious.

You matter – every day.

You are needed – every day.

Your team and those on the Other-side appreciate you for being here and for being you. They know Earth can be difficult, yet you volunteered to be here now.

I appreciate you being here now.

And I thank you.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – June 26, 2014

Wow! What an intense ride it has been.

We had one heck of an energy download (or shift) tied to this last full moon, then the summer solstice – both of which amp up energies by themselves. But we had both events combined along with solar flares and with Mercury Retrograde. Whew!

Experiences this past weekend ranged from an almost euphoric feeling, to lots of energy in the body, to crying, to feeling ill…purging. Yep, it ran the whole gamut.

What a ride indeed!

We all just got booted up a bit – meaning we got a swift kick in the rear (in a nice way!) to bring us to a new energy level.

Many are beginning to feel (if they hadn’t already this week) lighter, being able to focus better and feeling the hope for Earth and its inhabitants.

And this should continue along with us jumping forward even more after Mercury goes direct after July 2nd.

Many of us have had the feeling that something bit is coming; something we’ve been waiting for.

Well, we just got a jolt of energy this past weekend…so next comes being able to move forward. And this just may be presented with a sense of being catapulted forward.

What’s coming up when Mercury goes direct? New beginnings, new possibilities, new awareness.

We have seen the old – and no longer serving us – stuff fall away from us… and all of that has been in preparation for allowing the new in.

How exciting – new adventures await us!

by Jan Toomer


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