Step Out of Our Comfort Zone

My truths are changing; growing and expanding regularly.

Your truths are changing; growing and expanding regularly.

My truths are not necessarily your truths – and vice versa.

And that’s okay.

– –

We set up boundaries and maintain our reality. We get comfortable with our truths and our creations.

Then one day, we are shaken; our perceptions, understandings and/or realities are invaded by something foreign, uncomfortable or painful.

We may be shaken to our core.

We may experience a crisis in faith.

And we’re left wondering what the heck just happened. Why did we have to see, witness, or learn about X? Why couldn’t we just be left alone in our own comfortable reality?

Because that’s not what we are here for.

Don’t get me wrong – setting boundaries and maintaining one’s own reality is a good thing…but we change. Our truths and understandings change.

If you’ve found yourself witnessing some of the uglier aspects of being human, it’s okay to ask, “Why?”, though I don’t recommend going into the victim role (“Why me?”).

Some of us, as we progress on our journey of self growth and of helping others, are often quick at feeling and seeing the positive and beauty in our reality.

We give thanks. We appreciate the beauty and harmony in our life. And we now know that when we need help, it will arrive.

That help can come in the form of an “angel”. The one who showed up at the right moment and was able to provide exactly what was needed right then and there.

Where did this “angel” come from?

When we are in distress, and we call out for help, we release an energy S.O.S. that may be energetically picked up by another being. Whoever is closest, has the correct frequency and ability to aid, will respond. This is not necessarily done consciously.

You or I can become the guide – or “angel” — for a person in need at that time; just like we had, and have, when we are in need.

And sometimes requires us to step out of our comfort zone.

This happens spontaneously — it is not something you seek out.

Trauma to Blessing

This may be a traumatic experience for you or I, so what I offer is this:

    • See the bigger picture, and remember to rebalance your energy if needed.
    • Expand your awareness or perception of what you saw or experienced. What a blessing to be the one to be able to provide the other person with what they needed at that time.
    • Keep your faith. Faith in your Creator; faith in your higher self; and faith in your team.
    • You may have felt like you didn’t really “do” anything. Keep faith. Your presence alone may have been what was needed.

_ _ _

* My vagueness is intentional. I will not provide examples.

These experiences may occur when you are physically awake, or when you are out-of-body (which may be remembered as a dream or lucid dream).

If you have experienced this, you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not experienced it, but it comes up in the future for you, you will have this information.

Not everyone will experience this.

by Jan Toomer



The Little Things

When we’ve healed and released a lot of the bigger old energies, then we may begin to notice the little annoyances of old popping up.

These are the little things that we each squirreled away; never dealt with; and/or never finished. We shoved them aside, where they were covered up by the bigger, more traumatic experience energies.

  • Annoyed
  • Irritated
  • Frustrated
  • Unfinished
  • Unresolved
  • Unsettled

A previously forgotten snippet of conversation or interaction that spontaneously re-surfaced, wanting to be acknowledged, healed and released. Incidents, thoughts, ideas, situations, etc. that were smaller and seemingly — at the time — inconsequential when compared to the more major incidents in our lives.

Little incidents waiting to be purged.

For Example

A neighborhood gentleman recently told me that my fast driving made him nervous. I was so shocked by this that all I said at the time was, “Oh,” and we moved on to another topic. That comment, and my response to it, was shoved aside.

I awoke two days later with that snippet replaying in my mind. I knew his comment had shocked me, but it apparently had annoyed me as well.

I brought this up to my husband, and then said, “Mr. X and I are the two slowest drivers out there.”

After he chuckled, he agreed. He thought that Mr. X’s comment was ironic and funny.

The Little Things Matter

Though I used a more recent interaction as an example, the spontaneous re-surfacing can be from any time in your life.

I was surprised at my hidden feeling about the comment, but it confirmed that even the little things matter.

Fortunately, for me so far, the little things appear to take a lot less time and energy to acknowledge, heal and release.

by Jan Toomer


Something to Get Excited About

There’s a lot going on – energetically, spiritually and physically.

The “buzz” on the Other Side is of excitement and preparation and it has started filtering down to humans, animals and Mother Earth.

Why all the hubbub?

We’re growing up. Seriously.

Humans – generalized – are starting to understand. Understand that:

  • Taking responsibility for one’s own actions, words and deeds is now a must.
  • Freedom is for all life forms.
  • Clean and healthy water and food is for all life forms.
  • Respect is to be afforded all life forms.
  • Rights are for all species, not just some humans.
  • “Ascension” includes understanding that ALL life matters. Period.

We – again generalized – are starting to get it. To feel it. To know it. To remember it.


And this is bringing about so many changes – which we’ve been seeing happening for a while now.

  • Countries closing their governments, banks, etc. and restructuring a more fair and balanced society.
  • Some animals being declared sentient beings. How about more countries and all animals being included?
  • Zoos, and/or portions of inhumane captivity being closed down and the animals being rescued and relocated to sanctuaries for a better quality of life.
  • Animals knowing that humans are beginning to awaken and are showing us – more than ever before – that they know. How? Being more supportive and/or gentle with the innocents and change-bringers. (Note: This does not mean wildlife is tame and approachable. Please use caution and common sense. They will protect themselves and those under their care…just like we do.)
  • Push for organic and non-GMO food, as well as growing one’s own food.

And changes are not limited to Earth experiences. Many off-worlders (aka aliens, non-Earth beings, etc.) are gently making their presence known and/or more prominent.

Why? To let us know that we are not alone and to work with those who are ready and willing.

Personal Level

One a more personal level, some people have experienced:

  • Purging old, stuffed emotions.
  • Adapting to the higher frequency energy vibrations.
  • Their physical body making it known that certain foods are no longer acceptable for their body.
  • “Spiritual flu”, also known as Growing Pains. Joints, skin or body feeling achy; fever; lethargy; etc. – usually lasting three to seven days.
  • Increase in synchronistic incidents.
  • Those who are not resonating harmoniously with our energy are separating from us or we cut the connection.

Growing and Changing

And as we grow and change, we become / have:

  • More access to our Creator-given abilities.
  • Clearer reception (in whatever way each individual communicates to and/or receives information from their team of guides).
  • More freedom from duality energy.
  • Limitless opportunities – slowed or hampered only by an individual’s self-created boundaries and/or where one is in the journey of self-growth.

Growth Spurt

Each growth spurt opportunity (such as utilizing new energies sent to Earth to give us a boost), brings us closer to our true spiritual selves as well as closer to our spiritual kin.

It brings us closer to the fifth dimension and further from the denseness, heaviness, confusing, consuming duality of energies of the third dimension.

So why all the hubbub and excitement?

Because we are remembering who we really are.

And that really is something to get excited about.

by Jan Toomer


Creating with Conscious Intent

My team recommended taking some time off (working with them as a conduit and/or channeler for them). I didn’t ask why, I just took time off and enjoyed it.

I sat down to write today, and my team remained respectfully quiet. I asked why they were still being quiet.

They said it was time to clearly state what it is I want to do and accomplish.

I started with what I didn’t want. My team acknowledged what I stated, and then let me know that wasn’t what they had asked.

Creating with Conscious Intent

Of what we want; where we want to go (or end up); or what goal do we want to accomplish…

…and maintaining that in our conscious mind.

Most of us already learned:

  • To remember the energy and attitudes we put out today creates our tomorrow.
  • Our thoughts attract the same – for better or worse.
  • To create a list of what we want.

But some of us haven’t yet defined clearly what we want and haven’t maintained, or sustained, the thought energy to carry it through (manifest).

We focus hard, thinking through the details and what it will feel like, sound like, look like, etc. and then…


We are off and running in the direction of the new shiny distraction.

That shatters the uncompleted manifestation creation.

We are being asked to consciously stick with our thoughts to help them to manifest (become “real”).

A Recommendation

I recommend that you do not visualize, dictate, etc. how your creation(s) will manifest. Just concentrate on wanting ‘X’ and how it will feel, sound, smell, etc. when it manifests.

Please leave the “How’s” to the Universe, Creator, your team.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – October 29, 2015

Wowzer! Are you feeling it?

This extreme energy is packing a punch, and right where it seems to hurt; flicking a raw nerve or exposing a weak link in our self-adorned armor.

It began last week, and this last full moon (aka Super moon) kind of pushed us to the edge.

Release, Release and Release Some More

Yep, same old song. We’ve been pushed, prodded, prompted and encouraged.

We’ve been supplied wave after wave of supportive energy to assist us in removing what we are ready to release.

Oh, and if a person fights the process, it just takes longer. It won’t go away.

Our bodies and energy have worked so hard to release all the crap we’ve stuffed, hid, ignored, etc. – like peeling the layers of an onion. One layer removed to reveal another layer.

In Our Face

Now this energy is in our face – clearly and succinctly showing each one of us what we need to work on.

Are you disorganized? Then your disorganization will be/ is amplified.

Did you suppress your grief over your lifetime? If so, you are probably feeling it trying to work it’s way out to be released.

Are you a worrier? Then more will present itself to worry over.

Did you bury your emotions? Your fears? Angst? Anger? Guess what wants to be released now?

Get the idea? If you’ve been dodging or ignoring something you need to work on, it will get louder – or more in your face — until you do so.

I, for one, have decided that I will breathe deeply and encourage my releases and healing. I don’t want anything holding me back from taking another step towards the spiritual being I AM and leaving the games of duality behind.

Breathe. Release. Repeat as necessary.

by Jan Toomer


Your Meta Questions – October 2015

Please remember, take what feels right to you and shelve or discard the rest. I am sharing my understandings, perceptions, views. That doesn’t mean you have to like or accept them.

Q. A deceased grandmother seems to be around her children and grandchildren. Yet, a sensitive said that the grandmother had already moved onto her next life and was reincarnated. How can this be?

A. You can do both. There is no time and no limits on the other side. You only put in a percentage of your soul into a physical body – that’s how you can have consecutive lifetimes (remember, there is no time – all of your lifetimes, past, present and future are happening now) and you still have a portion on the other side to help guide each lifetime.

For more info:

My Message

Many years ago, a friend had brought me to my first metaphysical church message service. It was pretty cool, I didn’t know metaphysical churches existed, much less had message services.

The pews were packed.

We were handed a piece of paper and asked to write a question on it. A basket was passed around to place your question (billet) into. The basket went up front to the readers.

A reader stood up and addressed the congregation. “Does anyone here have the guide White Eagle?”

Wow! The guide I had been working with for the past few years told me his name was White Eagle! I raised my hand.

And so did about twenty other people.

What the heck? How was that possible? I felt confused. I know I hadn’t mistaken my guide’s name.

The reader gave her message to those with White Eagle as a guide. I don’t remember the message – I don’t think mine was the spoken message. My message was about how twenty something people could have the same guide at the same time.

When I had a chance to connect with my team, I asked. That is when I was told that time was not linear. There is no past, present and future. There is only now. (Yeah, took me a long time to wrap my head around that statement, especially since I had lots of memories of different past lives.)

Any guide, angel, Ascended Master, deceased loved one (who had crossed over) are not restricted to the third dimensional illusion of linear time.

This means any being can appear in several locations, planet-wide, the same day or same time. Including White Eagle. Including grandmother.

And, not only can grandmother appear to someone still in the physical, she can also have reincarnated and be in a “new” body and lifetime at the same time.

Q. I was talking to someone and they said they felt that it was almost time for the Second Coming. What do you think about this?

A. The Second Coming is, in my understanding/belief, metaphysical…not physical.

The first time around (concerning Christianity and Jesus) was when Jesus came to Earth to show the human race what it could do and accomplish if they let go of the third dimension illusions of boundaries and separatism.

We are first and foremost spiritual (energetic) beings – who currently happen to be in physical vehicles (bodies). Energy is never not in existence, it merely changes forms.

This would mean we are never separated from our Creator/Source.

If energy never ceases to be – and we are energy…as is the Source…then, to me, the Second Coming would be the human race finally understanding the teachings that Christ brought to Earth…and then humans beginning to implement those teachings.

And we’ve already started.

So, in my view, the Second Coming is not another being and/or Christ showing up in the physical. It is the physical (humans) realizing that the physical world and body suits are but an illusion of self-induced (or previous mass consciousness approved reality) boundaries.

Illusions are not necessary. We are limitless beings.

All of this can also be applied to any other Ascended Masters who had earthly lives to bring messages to the human race – such as Buddha.

Humans understanding and implementing the teachings can also be called: “the Awakening”; “the Quickening”; “the Ascension”.

Q. I am having troubles coming to terms, or believing in a God with destructive tendencies.

A. I had trouble with this when I was younger.

Over the years – with my studies, my team working with me, many hours of working the jigsaw puzzle pieces of information into a cohesive picture, this is what I understand and my perceptive (simplified to make it shorter) is:

I feel the vindictive, righteous “God” only exists in man’s carnal desire to control others through fear.

The Creator/Source just is. (I AM)

Energy is neither negative or positive. It just is.

We, the “children”, or off-shoots of energy from the Source, are the ones going out and experiencing.

We are the ones under the illusion that we’ve lost touch with our Creator/Source.

We are able to dictate whether something is going to be negative (lower energy frequency) or positive (higher energy frequency).

We, humans, are the destructive ones.

When humans are in fear, we create horrors, destruction, hate, greed, etc.

When we are no longer tied to the third dimension “reality”, we realize the third dimension is only an illusion.

Our physical life was/is a way for us, amidst the angst, fear, feeling of lack, etc., to learn to release anything that is not of light/love energy.

To remember our connection to the Source, to one another, to all life on Earth and beyond.

3D Earth is the school of hard knocks and duality. But we have choices. We have always had choices.

No, I don’t see “God” (aka Source, Creator) as being vindictive and destructive…only man.

Jan Toomer


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