What Abilities Do You Use in Consultations?

Everything is energy, and everything is connected, so the delineation lines blur as to what ability is used when and where. Though using my own simplified definitions, I mainly use the following in consultations: Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyance Medium = one...

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2017 Is About Moving into the Heart

I was getting ready to have surgery on my hand, so was focused on the logistics of the pre-surgery to-do list, and the post-surgery to-do list. A dear friend and I went to lunch. She told me that I needed to get out of my head and move into my heart; and she was...

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Energy Broadcasters and Receivers

Everyone broadcasts and receives energy information. We’ve been doing it daily our whole life, but many have relegated that information to background noise status. Not all broadcasters and receivers are equal. Some may be stronger in one than another. I have some...

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A Day in the Life – January 2, 2017

Of a Multi-Talented Sensitive in a Movie Theater * The experience begins in the ticket line. If there’s no ticket line, then it begins in the lobby. I can feel others anticipation, excitement and sometimes dread buzzing around me like a swarm of gnats staying just out...

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Reality Undefined Newsletter – 2017

A mixed bag of metaphysical, spiritual, maybe some paranormal and of-interest articles. Perhaps also some poetry, prose and events. Oh, and a few photos thrown in the mix! These free newsletters contain what was previously posted on this blog, plus more. – Hope you...

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Your Meta Questions – December 2016

Q. I seem to have someone trying to communicate with me through the phone at work when it’s not in use. I can hear a static-like noise coming from it. Can non-physicals try to talk to you through electronic devices? A. Yes, they (“they” being the deceased, someone in...

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Perfect Gift

Others have come for help. A sprained foot, damaged wing, poisoning. When they are better, they leave. Her kind never stays – there is nothing out here for them. But her? She’s different. She showed up one day. No warning, no fan fare. Now she comes each day, early...

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Don’t Wait On Me

His cataract eyes squinted and the corner of his lip rose as he leaned forward. His grip on his shopping cart tightened as he demanded, “Why do I see you two together all the time?” Disgust rolled off in waves. I frowned and glanced over at my husband before...

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Energy Update – December 5, 2016

Can Ya Feel It Now? Super Moon 12/14/2016 Mercury Retrograde 12/19/2016 Who will experience it? Everyone, but not everyone will be consciously aware. The forerunners feel the energy shifts up to about two weeks before the event date (so are feeling it now). Some...

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Made and Unmade

Though I write of my perceptions and experiences, we are all multi-dimensional beings. But then again, aren’t we all one? _ _ I see what stories are made of: science fiction characters come to life; fears become reality; impossible dreams no longer unobtainable. I’ve...

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