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Your Meta Questions – June 2015

Q. How can I become a consultant like you?

A. While what I do is not unique (there are many who are multi-talented) – it took us time to grow to where we are today.

Intent is a wonderful start. However, we don’t just pull the information out of our posteriors.

We had to spend time – after going through our own challenges and/or life and energy lessons and trainings – and working with our team/guides to refine our interpretive skills so when we are provided information from our team or higher frequency beings (spiritual), deceased loved one (mediumship), and higher self (the non-physical part of the individual), we could then interpret the energy messages.

Then we had to put it into practice (practice, practice, practice) to help us better refine it, before we could offer this service to others.

Yes, there are some that were born with most of these abilities in place and operational, but until one has experience as a human, (s)he cannot relate to the information they are learning to interpret.

I recommend finding a local, good spiritual/metaphysical teacher. Ask around, get references, and listen to self as to whether the teacher would be good for you.

The first step (after learning shielding) is to learn to trust self without ego. If you don’t have the training and time in/experience on trusting inner self (without ego), then you’ll not do well on interpretation and could do harm.

Don’t rush the process; and please don’t pretend to be something you aren’t (that is ego).

Q. Where do abilities come from?

A. We, each individual, decides which abilities we want to bring into this lifetime.

If we didn’t come into this body with the abilities in place and working, or if we had and then shut them off at some point, we will have a chance (and usually the choice) to re-activate them.

If they weren’t active at birth, then you may have chosen to have them come to light at some point in your life.

Abilities are not mysterious. They are not “rewards” or “punishments” for anything.

Abilities may be expressed as something unusual, or perhaps something that seems fantastical or sci-fi.

They can appear as something spiritual.

They can seem as “mundane”, such as: an inspirational writer; a singer; a really good therapist; a compassionate grandmother; a helpful stranger who appeared at the right time; a best friend who accepts you no matter your quirks.

Everyone has abilities. It is up to each individual (before coming into the present body) as to what you will have access to. Then you will decide to keep it and use it, or to shut it off. If you can’t shut it off, then chances are that you chose to make yourself work with it. Usually you can learn to “dial it down” so that it is not on all the time.

by Jan Toomer


Poltergeist Activity Increases

The word poltergeist means “noisy ghost”, but, in today’s lingo, they are two different things.

A noisy ghost is just that. It is a ghost who has learned enough to gather enough energy to be able to interact with our dimension.

Poltergeist activity usually originates from a living person.

Poltergeist “Symptoms”

These are a few possibilities:

  • Things moving, being thrown or knocked over by unseen hands.
  • Banging or pounding with no source found (pipes, etc.)
  • Black blobs and/or black silhouettes (that are not negative entities and/or shadow people)
  • Extreme exhaustion, even though getting enough – or more – sleep time at night. This exhaustion goes beyond the energy downloads/updates we are all experiencing.

How Are Poltergeists Created?

A (generalized/simplified) recipe. When all the ingredients are mixed, they can create the perfect storm, so-to-speak, to make a poltergeist. (Not always, and not for every sensitive.)

The Recipe

  • At least one human – usually a sensitive.

A sensitive can be an empathy, a medium, a reader, etc. or any combination, and is: usually untrained; not aware that they are a sensitive; or denying that they are a sensitive (from fear, religious upbringing, etc.).

  • Emotional turmoil and/or distress.

This can be: an emotional/chemical imbalance; hormonal spurts/changes/growth (teenage years, menopause, etc.); extreme or prolonged fear, anger, grief, etc.

  • Not addressing the root cause of the turmoil/distress.

Doesn’t know what to do with the emotions or how to handle it. Needs to work on healing the root cause. Example: grief (extreme or stuck on), seek grief counseling.


We’ve discussed (in previous articles throughout the years) taking responsibility for our own thoughts, action and deeds.

We’ve also discussed that our thoughts are literally creating; they are creating our individual tomorrows and much more.

Every thought, positive or negative, has created something. The more energy fed into a thought, the stronger it is until it is literally on our dimension. This is fine for the welcomed positive thoughts.

But, what about the negative thoughts and emotions we don’t know what to do with, so we expel/discharge/eject/push out from within us? What happens to those?

They Need to Feed

Yep, that’s right. They are energy blobs – created by energy and will seek energy to maintain itself. In its blob infancy, there is no consciousness; it is energy seeking more energy.

Remember the exhaustion? Yeah. Humans are walking, breathing, creating, batteries. Batteries can be drained.

Also, extreme emotions are perfect for the blob. Anger, fear, etc. especially, but also living in drama, create a charge that is like a battery on steroids.

Its Growth

It usually begins as a small black blob and the resulting poltergeist incidents are small and usually dismissed as one’s imagination.

As the blob grows (yes, it will), it becomes bigger and stronger. As it becomes bigger and stronger, it needs more and more fuel.

And it can start learning.

Its behavior is no longer easily dismissed. People start seeing it – bedrooms and living rooms are popular locations. The people know something is not right or is off.

And to think, it started out as a little blob of ejected negative emotion, created by one human.

Why Is This on the Rise?

In the past, the smaller negative thoughts tossed out, and not given enough energy to manifest on our realm, kind of collected in the astral realm.

There were humans, world-wide, who were assigned a segment of that realm to clean up. The negative small blobs were dissipated. (The larger ones manifested on our dimension as poltergeists.)

Poltergeists are on the rise because, as each month/week/day passes, humans are becoming stronger creators.

And humans are now beginning to physically experience the outcome of their own thoughts and/or feelings. No more stashing them on the astral realm. No more are any of us assigned to cleaning others messes up.

My Recommendation

  • No more ignoring inner turmoil or living or craving drama.
  • Accept responsibility for your thoughts, actions and deeds. Then you can monitor and control what you release.
  • If in turmoil, seek help. Silence and/or denial does not help one bit, nor will it stop your creations. And not seeking help can actually create more problems until constructively dealt with. Seek help.
  • Do not play into someone else’s drama. Remember, extreme emotions feed your or anothers negative creations. Not healthy at all.

by Jan Toomer


Humans – Animals

Please note: I do make gross generalizations in this article.

I was pondering over the thought that humans are animals, and what separates us from the other animals?

The opposable thumb?

Uh, no. Other primates have that.

I know! Language!

Nope, sorry. Most every creature (as well as plants and minerals) has a language.

The most common language – world-wide, and for all species – is mental/energetic (aka telepathy) communication.

Most animals also have a basic vocal or sound-based communication. Some even have additional ways to communicate: body language. For example, a rabbit will thump its foot, loudly, to alert others of a danger.


Well, no, not that either. Non-humans eat to survive. Humans (very generalized) eat to survive also, but then add on eating for pleasure…some even to the extreme of gluttony. Maybe the gluttony separates us?


Some people believe non-human animals are not intelligent. I personally disagree.

Just because they don’t have degrees, read, don’t engage in computation, or build massive buildings, etc. does not make them lacking in intelligence.

I believe they are a lot smarter and wiser…they live in harmony with Earth and their environment (unless interfered with by man).


For the social creatures, I’d have to say, “No, the ability to have relationships does not separate us.”

For example: A lot of social groups have an alpha male and an alpha female. Humans also fit this whether it is as a family unit, or on a larger scale.

Alpha Female
(This is generalized and not all inclusive)

– She handles/directs day-to-day operations
– Oversees whole clan/troop/pack/family unit
– Perhaps producing and rearing offspring
– Nurturing
– Setting boundaries
– Training
– Keeps everyone else on track

Alpha Male

(Again, generalized and not all inclusive)

– Has final say, when needed, in disputes
– Protector when female is overwhelmed or outnumbered
– Is brought in by the female when all else failed or did not get expected results

Both alphas fight to protect “theirs”.

Both will turn away / turn out any from within the unit/group/pack if that being created severe disharmony – and had likely ignored repeated attempts at re-directing the behavior, warnings, etc. Creating and maintaining chaos is not permitted.


Humans make and consume chemicals, and many force their animal companions to consume chemicals as well.

We (humans) allow chemicals to poison ourselves, and to poison the Earth, water and air.

Humans are the only ones to poison their, and everyone else’s, environment.

Humans – Animals

Humans are animals. We are part of the animal kingdom.

And sadly, I came to conclusion that the main differences between us and the rest of the animal kingdom is that we – the humans – are gluttonous (and not just food wise) and we destroy.

Yes, we are also creators in every sense – but, to me, that makes our destructive tendencies (again, very generalized) more the shame.

Very sad, indeed.

by Jan Toomer


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Book Review – Light Atonement by Ariyana, A Star Child

Light Atonement by Ariyana, A Star Child. Hardcover, 978-1-63226-028-4; Prospecta Press, 2015.


Born in Tokyo, Ariyana moved to the United States at aged 18 to attend the University of Southern California.

The author takes the reader through her life both in Japan and the US, sharing her experiences in self-discovery as well as through the preparations for stepping into the role of her soul’s plan/purpose. In other words, the experiences that helped shape her into the person she is today.

Her journey is one many can relate to on some level; finding the strength within to stand up and be the being your soul intended and to help direct or guide others on their journey.

Each chapter begins with an inspirational quote and ends with thought-provoking questions to aid the reader in exploring what his/her soul purpose may be. Ariyana shares not only her experiences, but insights and messages received along the way.

Light Atonement is full of soul stirring passages, so it was difficult to narrow it down to one or two, but this is what I came up with:

“As far as I know, Earth is the only place in the Universe where beings have free will, time, and physical bodies that allow them to accomplish anything they wish. It is up to each one of us to either make this planet a utopia, or destroy it.” p. 176

“We need to be awakened and to stay in the moment, live in the moment, and love in the moment. This is when we are fully alive.” p. 181

Personal Notes:

I was captivated from the first page, which is not an easy task. I enjoyed, and appreciated, Ariyana’s sharing of her spiritual growth while discovering one of her soul’s purpose on Earth.

Her sharing of her dimensional walking adventures were presented beautifully.

From The Author:


Are there any new insights, understandings or information you have received/had since the writing, and release of  Light Of Atonement – that you would like to share with your readers?

Ariyana’s Answer:
“I realized that there are many people who want to awaken and want to contribute to the human evolution, but they do not know where to start. My message to everyone is that you do not need to make a giant leap. All you have to do is take baby steps; like making a commitment to being kind, loving, or try to be in a present moment. No matter how small, everything you do will make a difference. As many of us also know that it is crucial that we need to make the change now. So keep moving forward and live your life the fullest. Everyone has a different lesson and life purpose so you cannot compare yourself with others. Whatever you are doing and however you are living is the exact place you should be and you should start to make your journey. Follow your heart as your heart is connected to your soul and it knows what you need to do.”

_ _ _

Thank you, Ariyana.

_ _ _

Ariyana’s can be contacted at:

_ _ _

Review by Jan Toomer

Book provided for honest review.


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