Literally Speaking

We have discussed this topic before (The Universe Takes Everything Literal), but the team would like to address it again.

don Miguel Ruiz – author of The Four Agreements – had written that we need to “communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings…”

Agreed. But there is more to it.

Practice, Permit, License

When you want to get a driver’s license in the US, you have to be a certain age to first get your learner’s permit.

You have to learn the “rules” for driving.

You then have to practice driving, with a licensed driver beside you.

After you have fulfilled your mandated practice hours, you go for your driver’s test…written and driving.

If you pass, you become a licensed driver.

Does that mean you’ll never make a mistake or have an accident? No, but as each day, month, year, etc. that goes by, the driver does become more experienced – not error-proof – just more experienced.

We have been in training, with our team/guides and some teachers, to learn and prepare for our solo driving.

Some are already solo driving; some are only at the permit stage; and some aren’t even ready to begin the process yet.

Literally Speaking

We’ve been practicing speaking to be more literal – being clear and concise; saying exactly what we mean and not leaving any part out so that others might have to guess or assume to fill in the blanks. Some have worked on dropping slang – which is not as easy as it may sound.

Speaking clear, concise and literal has been, in essence, our permitted driving. Practicing, preparing to become “licensed” drivers – or rather, more experienced creators.

We each, when we are ready, reach the point of free-style creating – aka solo driving.

The Universe takes everything literally and is compelled to put into creation what you are wanting to create – for better or worse.

So when I speak, I work hard to speak the details so you (hopefully) know exactly what I am talking about and nothing is left open so that one has to assume or fill in the blanks.

I still use analogies and/or stories to make a point, but will come back and use my words to be specific. Of course, a work in progress.

If we can learn to speak in a literal manner to one another, we would be, at the same time, programming our thoughts to be clear and concise.

And this brings us closer to creating our reality with more conscious intended details.

by Jan Toomer


News and Views – February 16, 2015


Where is the Light? I no longer “see” or “feel” it out there.

Some people are feeling:

  • Abandoned
  • Isolated
  • Disconnected
  • Alone
  • Grief, for the loss

There is no loss.
There is no disconnect.
You are not isolated or alone.
You haven’t been abandoned.

My friends, you have never been so close and connected to the Light while in a human body since the creation of the third dimension!

The third dimensional energy is heavy, so the Light/Light energy seemed distant and apart from you.

As you leave behind the third dimensional energies and work through the fourth and fifth, you are lighter.

As you become lighter, you no longer perceive the Light or Light energy, or the Source, as “out there”, separate from you.

You are grieving the loss of the illusion of separateness…of the third dimension ways and energy.

You are not further from the Light. Your connection to the Light hasn’t diminished or disappeared.

You have become one.

The Light is within you.

Close your eyes and focus between your heart and belly button.

The Light has always been within you – your soul, your essence.

It’s just now, when we work to disconnect the heavy third dimension energy and its illusions, that we are able to see it was in each of us all along.

Leave the illusions and lies behind. Grieve no more.


You are the Light.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


Where Have You Been?

We all have been going through major changes – usually in waves and/or spurts – for the last three or so years.

I have been asked, “Where have you been?”

I am no exception to these inner shifts and changes.

So, where have I been? I have been here and there. *grin*

Relationships of Any Kind

If there is no equal exchange of energies, it is no longer a harmonious relationship.

If a relationship became toxic, disharmonious, one-sided, etc. I have closed the door.

If I had fulfilled the “contract” (soul agreement, soul call), then I did what I came to do… and in some cases, left and closed the door.

And many of you are finding that you are doing this as well.

It doesn’t mean you are angry with the person and/or place – it just means you are done. You finished what you needed to do (on a soul level – of which you may or may not have been consciously aware of), or you finished what lesson(s) you were there to learn.

This doesn’t mean you cut everyone out of your life. There are some people that you have remained in harmony with and like having around.

The key is – Equal Exchange of Energies.

If the interaction is:

  • One-sided
  • Chaotic
  • Abusive
  • Feels Lopsided
  • Or one person gives all and receives none…

…then it is not an equal exchange of energies.

Your Life?

Do you take and take?
Do you feel it is owed to you?
Do you give and give – never accepting reciprocation?

Not harmonious.

This does fall under setting up boundaries in your life; refining what you will and will not accept in your life.

So Where Have I Been?

I have been here, refining my energies and relationships.

Oh, and have been into some other projects…more coming soon!

by Jan Toomer



News and Views – February 9, 2015


Not the 1960’s sexual revolution. Not free love. Not “love, honor and obey”. Not the hormonal rush of attraction.

Unconditional love.

This love is beyond the physical. It is a soul love.

Unconditional love allows every being the right to be themselves.

It does not mean, “be yourself…it’s okay to bully, maim, torture, enslave, or hurt me or others.”

No judgment, hate, anger, fear, etc. directed toward someone whose actions or words are out of harmony with yours.

Unconditional love can mean “you are who you are in your spiritual development. I may not like your actions or energy, but I allow you to be who you are. I do not, however, have to allow that energy into my life.”

Since we are all aspects of “One” – then, you are the other person.

Can you allow the other you the right to their experiences without taking their energy into your own experience?

Channeled by Jan Toomer

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News and Views – February 2, 2015

Some people have begun to feel panicky, and perhaps lost or adrift.

The team came in and said that they wanted to address some of these concerns.

This session will be presented over three weeks.


“Who am I?”

Though this question often pops up throughout our life – this time it seems more persistent…maybe even urgent.

While we are working to remove ourselves from the third dimension energies, we lose a sense of self that we had for so long.

But, that sense of self was an illusion – a mask that we allowed others to create for us and that we wore.

The reason the question, “Who am I?” is so persistent now is because it’s time to dislodge the masks and allow the real self to shine through.

  • If you’ve reached the point of seeking what you want – what your likes and beliefs are – not the ones you accepted from others.
  • If you’re not looking for approval from others.
  • If you’re not following the crowd, but rather listening to your soul.

Then it sounds like you’ve removed some of the masks. Congratulations! But, it still doesn’t answer, “Who am I?”

We seek labels, and we like adding labels to others…but those are still masks.

When asked to define myself a few years ago, I said that there wasn’t a label for me; I was not one thing or another.

Because an identifier was needed back then, I created the label “multi-talented sensitive”. It identified what I did. It did not say who I was or am.

When I read the short phrase “I Am”, I knew, deep down, that it was important. For years, I had meditated, holding those two words.

“I Am”.

I felt home. I felt me.

None of us are limited – nor should we be defined – by labels.

We are beings…souls of light. We are not defined or limited.

I Am

We Are


That’s all – and that’s everything.

Channeled by Jan Toomer

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Winter Wonderland Surprise

I slowly, and grudgingly, began to wake; my team gently prodding me.

As I reached the state between awake and asleep, the channeling started. I was presented a list of approximately ten topics that they wanted to address.

I reminded them that they needed to go slowly, so I could anchor their list. If I didn’t anchor it, it would very quickly fade like dreams do.

They began with the first topic again.

I whined, “Are we really doing this now?” I was looking forward to a bit of sleep-in time this particular morning.

They restated the first topic.

Argh! I tried whining again. The list began again.

This time I tuned in, and paid attention, to my team. They were excited and…perky. What the heck?

Their energy said, “Hurry!” with urgency, but not emergency.

I rolled over and grabbed my notebook and pencil off of the nightstand. In the dark and with closed eyes, I wrote:

1. ID
2. Love
3. Loss

And jotted some notes below – hoping I would be able to read them when I got up. The rest of the list was lost to me.

“Hurry!” The team was practically bouncing. “Get up. Get up. Get up,” they told me in a sing-song kind of way.

I did an exaggerated, annoyed sigh with the word “fine!” mixed in. I threw the covers off and stood up.

“I’m up. Now what?”

“Look outside!”

I pushed the curtain back – and smiled and a soft, gentle “Ah”, filled with understanding and gratitude, escaped my lips.

I was looking at a beautiful winter wonderland surprise.

The night before, the weather station had predicted 1-2 inches of snow. We don’t get snow often. In the past, when it snowed, it was usually gone by lunch time.

I laughed. “One or two inches, my butt!” I was looking at some pretty hefty snow drifts and easily four inches on the ground with more snow coming down.

Play time!

I thanked my team and felt them gently move away, letting me know that our channeling session would wait.

I dressed warmly, grabbed my camera and headed outside.

Oblivion Beyond








by Jan Toomer

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