Attachments, Part II

(Attachments, Part I)

How can attachments be ‘found’ and removed – and – how can we tell if it’s an attachment or something from a past life experience?

Some sensitives can see attachments; some can also remove them. However, before you spend time hopping from sensitive to sensitive to find the ‘right’ one, and possibly spending way too much money – there may be an easier way.

Find a board certified therapist or psychiatrist who specializes in attachment removal (also known as ‘de-possession’) who may also utilize hypnosis – or a therapist/sensitive team who works together.

Please do not confuse this process with exorcism. An exorcism is usually a very aggressive removal process.

De-possession with a therapist is usually a gentler process.

Dr. Shakuntala Modi wrote a wonderful book, “Remarkable Healings” – where she presented to the reader case studies – actual clients and their perceptions and experiences.

Dr. Barbara Stone also wrote a wonderful book, “Invisible Roots” – and addressed both stuck entities and past life traumas.

The attachment(s) (or past life traumas) personalities should receive assistance as well; not just ‘cast out’ and left unguided, or free to attach to someone else. This is where the therapist assists both the person and the attachment.

Working with a therapist (or therapist/sensitive team) who specializes in past life traumas and de-possession can assist you in finding the root cause and begin the removal and healing process.

For past life traumas, sometimes just a past life regression will assist in healing that aspect/trauma brought forward.

by Jan Toomer




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