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Your Meta Questions – April 2015

Q. How do you know if someone has the ability to a medium (ability to communicate with the deceased) or maybe an animal communicator?

A. First, I’d like to say that some may have the desire for a particular ability, but may not have brought that ability into this lifetime. Having said that, I encourage giving the ability a serious attempt.

When I meet with someone, I may see little “clues” (energetically) or symbolism to tell me. This does not happen with everyone.

When someone comes to work with me, I may see a line of deceased people following the client. This tells me that the client has the ability possibility to hear/see/sense and/or know the deceased.

The deceased can “see” this ability possibility in the client’s energy field, and they follow in hopes of being heard.

For someone who has the ability possibility of animal communicator, I may see either a line of animals following behind the client or I may see animals of various types beside, behind, draped across the shoulders, perched on the head or shoulders, etc. of the client.

Just because someone has the ability possibility doesn’t mean that they have to be that. It just means they have brought that ability into this lifetime…it’s up to each individual to pursue and refine it…or not.

We are not necessarily defined by one or two abilities – nor do we have to work the abilities that show up, unless the ability or abilities are part of the individual’s soul plan for this life.

Q. What might someone who has medium abilities, and doesn’t know it, experience?

A. They can experience hearing whispering (especially at night), but may not be able to make out the words.

They may experience “knowing” information about a friend/acquaintance’s deceased relative (the knowledge just appears in their mind).

They may experience anxiety with an unknown cause. This may be, energetically, a response to not following one’s soul plan of being a medium.

They may see or “see” (in the mind’s eye) ghosts.

Q. What might someone who has animal communication abilities, and doesn’t know it, experience?

A. They may experience a unusual physical bond with physical animals. For example, animals may just follow them around.

An injured or lost animal may seek that person out. If this happens, please use caution…wild animals and injured animals (wild or not) can strike out to protect themselves.

The person may also instinctively “know” what the animal wants or needs or is feeling.

by Jan Toomer


Animal Totems Today

Do animal totems have a role in learning the new energies coming in?

My answer (my perspective) is a resounding “Yes!”

This past month has been a wild ride for me. Purging even more of the past as well as learning more about love and compassion.

And as I worked this month, animals brought me messages to help and support me.

Here are but a few that crossed my path and carried a message to me. These are severely paraphrased (and my interpretation) of Ted Andrews works:

Caterpillar – a word of caution to look at people and things realistically. It is also an indicator of good news, surprises, and new projects coming.

Woodpecker – brings a message to stimulate a new rhythm or new change in one’s life.

Grasshopper – take a leap forward.

While the animals are still around us, it behooves us to look into the messages the bring and see what may pertain to us at the time.

by Jan Toomer


Chatting with the Horses


More on Animal Totems

I have been asked to discuss more on Animal totems – not the one(s) we are born with, but the ones that enter throughout our life to bring time appropriate messages.

There are a few ways to receive messages from daily (as opposed to lifetime) totems; some suggestions are:

  1. Animal Communication – ask the animal yourself. This is accomplished by first Shielding; stilling yourself and communicate with the animal using emotions and/or mind pictures (this is how animals communicate). Even curiosity carries a feeling. Can you recall the feeling curiosity feels like?
  2. Watch, Observe and Learn – What are the animal’s strengths? Weaknesses? Habits? Talents? How can any of this be applied to your life at that moment?
  3. Look Them Up As They Cross Your Path – This past week, I made an effort to record the critters that came by and share with you one of the ways I interpret the animal totem message. I use Ted Andrews’ books (“Animal-Speak” and “Animal-Wise”) for quick interpretations of the messages. I read the appropriate animal entry, while being honest with myself – and see what is appropriate for me at that time.

This week I had:

A Horned Toad – reminds me, as I become more sensitive, to express my emotions in an appropriate manner.

Walking Stick – focuses on patience and camouflage. Reminds me to wait for the universe to line things up for me (no instant gratification! Ha) – and to not show everyone, basically, what I am up to until it is ready to be revealed.

Toad – reminds me to draw upon what is within; utilize my untapped resources.

Lizard – psychic awareness is heightened (or will soon be) and needing to listen to my own self.


For those of you who do not yet sense/feel/see your guides, guardians, etc. – please know that messages will come to you through many different avenues. Here is but a small sampling of how messages can come to you:

  • A scent / smell (usually from your past)
  • A song
  • A friend
  • A book
  • An article
  • A flower
  • Animal totems
  • And many more ways!

You just need to pay attention / be aware of what is being presented to you.

by Jan Toomer




Psychic Communication with Animals by Laila del Monte

Psychic Communication with Animals for Health and Healing by Laila del Monte. English, © 2001, Bear and Company. ISBN 978-1-59143-100-8.

Laila del Monte, a flamenco dancer, has become an animal communicator and healer.

In her book, she relates some experiences with animals and their guardians (she does not use the word ‘owner’; she wrote,”…I feel that animals do not belong to us…” – pg.xiii); a bit of their stories and how she was able – or in some circumstances, unable – to help.

Laila introduces the readers to “spirit doctors” who guide/assist from beyond.

The author describes how communication is accomplished through mental pictures and emotions, which she then works to translate to words to share them with the guardians.

She also discusses how animals come into our lives to teach and/or support us – and provides examples stories.

Favorite Passage:

“Your attitude today is creating your tomorrow.” p. 117.

I really enjoyed this book, and recommend it for pet “guardians” and those who are interested in animal communication.

Review by Jan Toomer





Communicating with Orcas by Mary J. Getten

‘Communicating with Orcas’ by Mary J. Getten. © 2006. Hampton Roads Publishing Co Inc. ISBN 1-57174-466-5.

During the course of writing this book, Mary was doing whale-watching trips on the San Juan Islands.

Mary learned animal communication, and began communicating with ‘Granny’, the matriarchal-figure of a local pod of Orcas.

This book is Mary’s story of her growth as an animal communicator; her spiritual growth ;and the connections Mary made with several Orcas willing to communicate with her and her friend (and fellow animal communicator) Raphaela Pope.

‘Granny’ answered questions and shared her beliefs on spirituality; gave details on how the young were taught, including how to mate and the process of responding to potential mate (detailed information); how pods live together and how other pods interact; and her view on humans and human dealings with nature and captured wildlife; her view on how humans treat the earth, and so much more.

This book intrigued me, and I recommend it for those interested in the life of Orcas, and animal communication.

July 28, 2009

Review by Jan Toomer



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