This course is broken up into two sections. The first sections covers the Basics; it helps build the foundation for the second section.


Physical Classes

Physical classes are offered in Las Cruces / Mesilla, NM  class schedule.

Basic (Undefined Reality):
Part One: Truths/Beliefs; Terms; Discussion; Shielding. Exercises: Beliefs, Terms & Shielding.
Part Two: Discussion; Energy; Aura; Visualization. Exercises: Energy Experience; Energy in Action; Sensing An Energy Field; Colors.
Part Three: Chakras; Discussion; Visualization; Levels; Planets; Healing. Exercises: Finger Exercise; Psychometry; Meditation.

Undefined Reality Details

Gift Certificates are available for these classes – they are for the amount of which ever class type you are interested as listed above. If interested in a Gift Certificate, contact me here. Contact Jan Toomer.


Pricing includes both ‘Basic Undefined Reality’ (aka, The Basic Course) and ‘Undefined Reality’:


If you want the book(let)s but not the course, you can find them at the E-books Store.