Physical Classes

Physical classes are offered in Las Cruces / Mesilla, NM – class schedule.



Session One: Reminders; Terms; Fear. Discussions. Assignment Questions. Exercises: Meditation; Zener cards (squares & waves); ESP “A”.

Session Two: Patterns; Threads; Overlays; Sound. Discussions. Exercises: Sound; Music; Zener Cards.

Session Three: Elementals and Devas; Introducing Awareness. Discussions. Introduction to Kinesiology. Exercises: Expanding Awareness; Zener Color Cards (black & yellow); ESP “B”.

Session Four: Dreams; Past Lives; Self-Growth. Discussions. Exercises: Glove; Sharing; Zener Color Cards; Music; ESP “C”.

Session Five: Realities; Multiple Roles; Animals. Discussions. Exercises: OBE; ESP “D”; Pet Communication; Your Experiences.

Session Six: Musings; Think About It. Discussions. Exercises: Tree Talk; Sharing.

To hear an excerpt from course workbook, “Undefined Reality”.

Pricing includes both ‘Basic Undefined Reality’ (aka, The Basic Course) and ‘Undefined Reality’:




Contact Jan Toomer for any questions; Gift Certificates are available for these -if interested in a Gift Certificate, contact me here.

If you want the book(let)s but not the course, you can find them at the E-books Store.