Some people have been experiencing their past re-emerging, providing a chance to clean up, or heal it and release it.

The past showing up can be in the in or more of the following forms (but not limited to):

  • Physical
    Someone from your past may contact you or pop back into your life.
  • Dream
    You may dream of a person from the past, an incident from the past or a fantasy-like dream in which you re-visit the energy of a person or incident from your past.
  • Emotional/Memories
    Spontaneous memories popping in your head and/or current incident or person whose energy triggers a (still unresolved or not healed) memory from your past.

What’s the Reason?

These opportunities are a good time to:

  • heal any lingering or unresolved issues with that person or incident.
  • and to decide if you are going to allow that person and/or that kind of energy back into your life (boundaries).

I have written, various times over the years, on how we are working on clearing up and healing our past.

What? You thought it would only take a week or two? Nah. We spent a lot of time building a lot of gunk over this – and other – lifetimes. It takes a while to clean it out.

And we are doing all of this to let go of third dimension duality. We are removing our anchors that have not only kept us grounded in third dimension, but has also perpetuated the reincarnation cycle illusion associated with third dimension.

We are unhooking ourselves to move on to something much lighter; to expand beyond the third dimension confines, which are not natural to us, and to begin to re-experience our untapped and unlimited potential.

Clean and Fresh

Though I am sure I am not done yet, I have been waking in the morning feeling cleaner – energetically – inside.

The best way to describe it is to think of an old water pipe. Calcium build up added to any other hard water minerals as well as any corrosion from the pipe itself. The flow would certainly be compromised by all of the gunk.

I’ve been waking with the feeling that the corrosion and mineral build ups, so-to-speak, have been cleaned out of me.

I feel a whole lot cleaner and fresher.

What if I’m Stuck?

It happens. If you are stuck, I recommend seeking help. Asking for help is not a weakness…it takes a lot of courage to ask.

Maybe start with your team (guides) and asking them to help you to gently and safely heal and release your past.

And, more importantly, let your team aid you.

Ho’oponopono is another excellent method to employ.

There are a lot of different ways to seek help, including counseling if you are stuck in trauma.

by Jan Toomer



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