From Both SidesI’m sure you’ve either seen this online, or maybe experienced it a few times yourself on your phone or word program.

The auto-correct can be a source of frustration, or if you’re lucky, a source of amusement.

It’s one thing for a device to pop in words that are out of context, or words that don’t exist – but it’s another thing when you can’t find the right word and autocorrect yourself with whatever word pops in.

Hasn’t happened to you yet? Just wait; it’s bound to pop into your reality.

Me: “Hey, honey?”

Hubby: “Yeah?”

Me: “You want to go to the…”

Me struggling to find the word…aww…heck with it.

Me: “…the muppet march this morning?”

Hubby rolls his eyes. “Yeah, let’s go to the market after breakfast.”

He knows me too well.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Either “Jan, you’ve had a stroke before – sounds like things are a bit scrambled again. Maybe it’s time for Brain State Conditioning again.”

Or, “You know when you channel, you/they sometimes can’t find the right word for something.”

I say to you that it is neither of those things. How do I know? First, feels totally different than either of those. Secondly, it’s not just me experiencing this.

Our physical language it struggling, and it doesn’t matter what language; verbal, sign or written.

Remember how we talked about the precursors to telepathy? The higher our frequency, the more we strive to go back to our true communication mode. We are working on light language, also known as telepathy.

In my example, I couldn’t find the physical word, but I did share a mental visualization of the market with my Hubby.

A Choice

When I came out of the coma, and struggled to find out what happened to me, I often lost words and it terrified me. I knew that I knew the word, but I couldn’t find it.

Since my stroke went undiagnosed for about thirteen years, it was up to me to re-build myself, and I had a choice. I had to choose between being terrified of my lost words and weird glitches, or take it in stride and with humor.

Humor it was.

I use this same approach now. Our energy – rather, our whole being – is vibrating more quickly now. This is why we are struggling with physical world communication. This is why we trip over what once were familiar words or signs, and why we can’t find words for what is so clearly pictured in our mind.

Please have patience, and a sense of humor, while you go through this vibrational or frequency adjustment.

The weather is fine – so go out and enjoy the muppet march.

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