“We are being held responsible for our thoughts, deeds, and actions.”

We’ve heard it, at least on this blog, again and again.

I whined to my team about writing the same message over and over. I like variety!

My team, ever so patiently, reminded me of many things, including:

  • that the message keeps going out to remind people.
  • to reach people the message hadn’t reached before.
  • and to give a “heads up” that another or different aspect of this phrase is going to be shared.

Another Aspect?

We were previously asked to pay attention to our thoughts; to discover what we each are creating for ourselves through our thoughts.

And now we are being asked to pay attention to our dreams.

book-1332161_640We do have different types of dreams and we have daydreams and fantasizing.

But since we are still working on mastering our creation process for our own life or reality, and our thoughts are dictating our creations, then it makes sense our next step is paying attention to our dreams, which are created from our thoughts.

For example: if you have a “what if?” scenario dream, you have to decide if you are going to allow that scenario in your (awake) reality, or are you going to disassemble the energy used to create that dream so it won’t manifest in your life?

Aw, Come On! Dreams Too?

Yep, dreams too.

We are in the process of mastering waking mindfulness – now we begin practicing mastering dream mindfulness.

Each morning that I awaken from a dream, I consciously decide whether or not I would want what I’d been dreaming actually in my life or reality.

If the answer is “no”, then I visualize the dream sequence or scenario as a sheet of paper. I grab it, crumple it, and put it into my energy recycle bin – knowing it will be brought back to its simplest form (pure energy) and be ready for use on another creating project.

Too Much ~

I know that sometimes, with all that we are juggling daily (physically, emotionally, and energetically) that all of this responsibility can feel like its all too much.

This is why teams, all across the globe, with each and every one of us, have worked for many years to help breakdown these changes and growth opportunities into smaller segments and shared them with us.

So yes, the message is offered again and again, however different aspects of that message are presented and explained so we each have a better idea of what we might can do for our next step on our journey.

by Jan Toomer


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