These are e-books (pdf) written by Jan Toomer. These are not courses.

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Basic Undefined Reality – $4.33

BUR-Cover(pdf booklet only- 15 pages, 2 columns)

Terminology, how I ‘see’ while doing psychometry, shielding, a bit about energy. Recommended to begin with Basic Undefined Reality.

Excerpt: Energy

Each person has a different energy feel (called “signature” or “flavor”). Colors have different “flavors”; each animal or plant has a different “signature”. By learning how to feel, sense, or “see” different signatures is one way to identify someone. For example: I leave my house to run an errand. I return home, no one else is in the house – but I instantly know that someone had been in the house while I was away. I will either recognize the energy signature (residue) – or not. I will not recognize it if it is of someone I had not met before.

Undefined Reality – $16.25

UR-coverb(pdf booklet only – 60 pages, 2 column)

Many stories on many topics of my personal experiences growing up. Stories about animal communication; devas; journal entries; and more!

Excerpt: Animals

As the others moved on to see another display, I remained. The dolphin positioned itself so that the side of its body faced me, one eye lined up with my face. We studied each other. How I wanted to jump in and swim with it!

Anticipation building, I reached out my hand and placed my palm flat against the glass, wishing I was touching the dolphin. Suddenly, I found a wave of emotions and pictures flooding my mind; zipping through so fast I was unable to grasp any one single thought.

(Clearing up the Crap):
Finding Joy in Everyday Life – $4.33FJ-Cover

(pdf booklet only – 14 pages, 2 columns)

This takes a look at some of the things in our life that may be holding us back, like eEgo which is afraid of change, even if it’s for the better; maybe being stuck in the victim role; relationships – are some trash and some treasure? And healing the past.

Excerpt: Getting Lighter

Without the dark cloud of anger, or being stuck in victim-role, we are then freer to move forward…leaving that heavy past behind…and head for the joy of the physical and spiritual existence and growth as originally intended for us.

This booklet contains some relevant articles from the blog and from the Undefined Reality booklet.

Life Before, During and After Being A Human – $4.33


(pdf booklet only – 13 pages, 2 columns)These are my perceptions and my understanding of human’s

These are my perceptions and my understanding of human’s pre-life, life, death, and crossing over as I have seen and learned from communicating with those on the other side. I challenge you to explore your beliefs, and expand your perceptions.

Excerpt: Pre-Birth – Writing the Play

And, like a play, we need a story line or theme; cast of characters, including cameos and walk-ons; villain or villains, as well as major obstacles and dramas to overcome; locations and props; what ability or abilities you will bring into this play; and what karma you wish to rebalance.

We also need our behind-the-scenes crew – our guides.

This booklet contains some relevant articles from the blog.


Spirit Sensitivity – $3.79

SS-Cover(pdf booklet only – 11 pages, 2 columns)

This booklet is for those who are newly sensitive to the non-physical beings energy. It touches on ghosts or earthbounds, hauntings, time slips, and other world/dimension beings. Manners are must! I insist on manners even from non-physical beings. Also discussed is how to assist a ghost in crossing over if he or she is ready.

Excerpt: Veils Thinning, Times Changing

Because time is speeding up and our energy – earth-wide – is increasing in vibratory frequency (becoming faster), our thoughts are manifesting to physical reality more quickly all the time. What you think, you create.

These higher frequencies also means that the veils (energy membranes created to keep different dimensions separated) have thinned; the dimensions are becoming more accessible to our reality.

This booklet contains some relevant articles from the blog and from the Undefined Reality booklet.

 The “New” Has Begun – $5.42

(pdf booklet only – 17 pages, 2 columns)

If you are newly on the path of soul growth, this booklet helps in showing what the newer energies are working on with us, such as the group consciousness reality phasing out. Also included discussion on learning to release fear and accept responsibility for every aspect of self.

Excerpt: Leaving Group Consciousness Reality

Third dimension Earth has lived by group consciousness reality. So, if the group (humans) agreed to create a reality where levitating (for example) is not the accepted normal reality, then anyone who could levitate was considered unusual (or the devils work, or witchery).

We are leaving behind the group consciousness reality and are delving into individual – or self created – reality. While we are working on stepping away from group consciousness reality, we are also breaking down the illusions of the 3rd dimension reality.

This booklet contains some relevant articles from the blog.



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