The energy coming through for the last few weeks has been/is about revealing what we have hidden from ourselves. Yet another set of blinders being removed.

Some have experienced memories of people, things and/or incidents that triggered us somehow.

  • Frustrations
  • Fears
  • Annoyances
  • Aggravations
  • Disappointments
  • Embarrassments
  • Griefs
  • People/relationships
  • Incidents that: baffled us, scared us or remained unresolved some other way

This could also include pivotal points in our lives that perhaps we didn’t consciously realize were soul growth and learning opportunities.

As you revisit the past, you are being asked to step back and review it objectively. Hindsight can often show us something we didn’t see at the time. What was the good that came out of it? What positive did we learn from it?

Please observe, review and release.

by Jan Toomer


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