The full moon was last night. Although this one was called a Mini-Moon (the smallest full moon) –  it packed quite a punch while bringing the newest energies in.

Many felt the energy shift begin early yesterday – a feeling of being a bit “off”; frustration; trouble getting things completed; irritated and not quite sure why; and many have had trouble sleeping the last few nights.

It seems like a combination of full moon bringing in new energies and Mercury going Retrograde; but Mercury doesn’t go retrograde until February 6th (6th-28th).

We are being asked to practice patience. Instead of balking, whining or fighting the influx of new energies, we are being asked to relax and allow it to flow in and around us. Slow deep breathing will be beneficial.

Again – walking, being in/with nature, gardening, meditating, yoga, and/or tai chi are good ways to help your body to adapt and adjust.

by Jan Toomer


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