Reports started coming in about energy attacks occurring from various people across the U.S.:

  • major lethargy
  • depression
  • out of balance
  • feeling out of sorts
  • ungrounded
  • unpleasant visions (not personal)
  • unsettled
  • uneasy
  • irritable/cranky/grumpy
  • feel like moving through molasses
  • exaggerated feelings
  • blocked
  • lost in limbo feeling
  • borderline sense of no hope
  • two weeks of hell

What’s so special about this list? It has occurred in the last two weeks and are not customary to those individuals – and no one seems to be able to pin point a trigger or reason for these not-common-to-them experiences.

I wrote (late) last week that I had a seemingly impenetrable writer’s block.

By Monday morning, I had had enough of feeling blocked and out of sorts!

I closed my eyes, called on That Which is Highest and Holiest, pulled Source (White) Light into me until I felt I could not hold anymore and pulsed the Light outward from me.

The last two weeks, I felt I was using a small penlight to navigate/see in the dark; when I pulsed on Monday, I suddenly saw around me as clear as daylight – and I didn’t like what I saw.

When someone is under a psychic attack, I “see” this as dark tendrils or dark tentacles on the person that is under attack…and this is what I saw on me.

This momma doesn’t play that game.

Each tendril/tentacle was removed from me with the command to send each one back to who, or what, ever sent it to me – and that it be healed on it’s way back to the owner.

I then Shielded both myself and my space.

I was instantly removed from the “trying to think through molasses and feeling out of sorts” and brought back to clear-headed, focused and energized again.

I, and countless others, were caught unawares – it may be worse if we each allow it to happen again…I certainly do not intend to go through this again.

Keep the Light strong within and go back to Shielding regularly. (See psychic attack for a few ideas)

Oh, and my writer’s block is gone! 🙂

by Jan Toomer


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