Everyone broadcasts and receives energy information. We’ve been doing it daily our whole life, but many have relegated that information to background noise status.

Not all broadcasters and receivers are equal. Some may be stronger in one than another. I have some friends who broadcast loudly, especially if they are excited or scared.

I have some friends who excel in receiving, even if the other person hadn’t intended to broadcast.

What is a Broadcaster? What is a Receiver?

Pretty much as the words sound. A Broadcaster can send out – or broadcast – emotions and/or thoughts.

Receivers are those who can hear, see and/or know what is broadcast. This can utilize one or more abilities: telepathic; empathic (feeling others emotions or intent); clairaudient (clear hearing); claircognizant (clear knowing); and/or clairvoyant (clear seeing).


We are communicating through broadcasting and receiving daily, but most of us are usually not consciously aware of it except perhaps in extreme cases.

Example: Ever had the feeling a friend or loved one was distressed, hurt or scared though you weren’t near them? If so, the friend/loved one was broadcasting and you were receiving.

By consciously becoming aware of your broadcasting and/or receiving, you can exercise it to help with perhaps making it stronger and/or more clear.

by Jan Toomer


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