This is an item or place that has been affected by either energy residue or an attachment. Remember ever picking up an item, putting it down, and wiping your hands on your pants or skirt? That was you reacting to an unpleasant or negative energy on, or in, the item.

Residual Energy

Residual energy is something left behind – an emotional memory left on, or embedded into, an item.

Most everything has a residue on it if it has been touched, was near an animal or human, or even if it was thought about a lot (for better or worse).

The longer the exposure, or the more emotionally charge an environment, the strong the residue on the item(s).

Emotions and/or memories of an artist or creator can also be recorded in their handmade item(s).

Normally, residual energy that is peaceful, loving, and/or uplifting is usually accepted. Negative energy memories, however, are often not welcome and can actually cause the item to be pushed aside or not purchased because of it.

There are some cases where someone unable to sense/feel the negative energy may purchase the item and be clueless to what it is carrying. Or, someone with similar energy may purchase the item and have no problems because they are resonating at the same frequency as the residue on the item.

Some people have received items with negative energy on/in them as gifts. What do you do when you receive something with a nice intent, but the item has a really negative or unpleasant “vibe” about it?

These items can be energetically cleared so that the residue won’t negatively impact or affect someone else. The shielding technique can aid to cleanse an item, possibly neutralizing the energy. For some people, (sage) smudging may also help to remove the negative energies.

An Attachment

An attachment is a non-physical being – most often a ghost – who has energetically attached themselves to a place or item.

For a ghost, it could be something they had liked or cherished when alive and didn’t want to let it go. But a ghost can wreak havoc to the new or current owners; or the item(s) can remain unsold in an antique or thrift store.

If a ghost attachment is suspected, or some other type of being, it is recommended to find a trusted someone (preferably with mediumistic abilities) with experience to safely remove it.

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by Jan Toomer


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