(The following was the opening introduction topic to A Lightworker’s Gathering held on March 20, 2014. This is only the introduction topic. The resulting discussions, and additional topics, are not presented here.)

Remember, I am sharing my experiences, beliefs and interpretations. Please take what fits you and release the rest.

I want you to think of a food or dish that you really don’t like. I mean really don’t like. I want you to remember its smell, texture, taste. Think about putting it into your mouth.

How does it make you feel? What is your body doing while you entertain the memories of this food?

Now I want you to think of your favorite food or dish. Remember its smell, texture and taste. Think about putting it into your mouth.

How does it make you feel? What is your body doing while you are revisiting the memories of this food?

Ever notice how, when you buy a new scent (say shampoo, body soap, perfume or cologne, etc.) that it smells really good…but after a month or so, you really don’t smell it anymore? It is like you have incorporated it into the overall smell of you. Others can still smell it, but you don’t really seem to notice it anymore?

Or the scent of your house; to you it smells like home. To others, the smell is unique and distinct to your home.

Now think of a loved one or friend’s hair smell. What does it smell like? Does it remind you of something? When you are away from that person, yet smell a similar scent, does it make you think of your friend or loved one?

How about a co-worker or friend’s perfume or cologne? Do you like it or not? Does that particular scent make you think of that co-worker or friend?

So how many of you could smell that a particular person had been in a room even though they were long gone? You smelled the residue of that person’s scent.

We rely a lot on scent for identification; we identify certain scents with a person, place, incident or memory.

Search dogs use their sense of smell to track someone. They are given a comparison scent (such as used clothing) to seek and follow. The comparison scent is unique to each individual.

The idea is that their brains and noses register the comparison smell and then they sniff and air, ground, whatever seeking that particular scent and ignoring the other scents in the area. Once they latch onto their target scent trail, they work to follow it as far as the scent travels and is available to them.

Energy Signatures

An energy signature – or energy flavor – is the vibration or frequency of each individual being. It is similar to a scent trail and a signature is unique to each individual being.

When we had lived in Arizona, we purchased an older home. When we moved in, we began the work to update the house (it still had original everything from nineteen sixty-seven).

I began to notice that when I left the house and came back, I would feel that someone – someone unknown to me – had been in the house. I blew it off the first few times, but I eventually “listened” to myself and knew that someone kept entering the house.

After asking around the neighborhood, we found out an elderly gentleman down the street had a key to our house. He was originally given a key to keep an eye on the elderly person who used to live in our house. I am pretty sure he noticed that the house was different on the inside now.

Turns out he was just curious; he wanted to see the changes occurring. Yep, we changed the locks.

But I could feel his signature in the house, lingering like a scent trail; a signature that wasn’t recognized, didn’t fit and didn’t belong.

Energy signatures can be temporarily enhanced through emotions. For parents, this is evident when a child – perhaps one that cannot yet articulate what (s)he feels – is not feeling well even though there are no visually noticeable signs yet. The child’s energy signature has warbled due to the imbalance. The signature is the same, but now has an imbalance in the energy signifying illness.

If they have their back to you and no one has spoken a word or moved, can you tell if a friend, spouse or child is upset or angry? Most likely yes, because their energy signature has now been flavored by those emotions. The core signature hasn’t changed; it just had something temporarily added to it.

Past Life Connections

Every had a dream where you knew the person in it was so-and-so, yet (s)he looked nothing like (s)he does now? These are usually past life memories of that person or your time with that person.

Why are you able to recognize that person? Most people say they realized who it was when they looked into their eyes. “The eyes are the windows to the soul” is a very appropriate saying. By looking into someone’s eyes, you are “seeing” their soul; their essence; their flavor; their signature.

Energy Signatures Part Two

by Jan Toomer


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