Welcome to the newest theme for the current energy influx – self-doubt.

We’ve all experienced self-doubt in our life – it’s part of having life experiences. But right now, some are experiencing a major push to have an up-close, in-your-face experience with self-doubt.

Why Self-Doubt and Why Now?

  • Self-doubt is tied into the 3D ego-self. The 3D ego-self is a duality existence anchor and has no place in the 5th Dimension and beyond.
  • We are working on healing, clearing and releasing our past. Self-doubt, in one form or another, is part of our past.
  • Releasing our self-doubt helps us to stand firm in ourselves; to stand firm on our path; and to become more of our true soul self.
  • We are leaving behind the heavier and more dense third dimensional mass consciousness accepted reality and are learning, or are now in, self-created reality.
  • When one moves into self-doubt while working on manifesting, they skew or even negate their manifestation. There is no room for self-doubt when you are manifesting your creation.

But What If I End Up Manifesting Something or Situation I Don’t Want?

Well then, lesson learned. Move on to manifesting what you do want. Not everyone rode a bicycle flawlessly the first time they got on one. Practice.

Oh, and nothing happens until you make a decision and step forward.


by Jan Toomer


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