The keyword for this update is “wonkified”. Okay, it’s not a real word, but I feel it totally fits.


Emotions are…well…wonky.

Anger, gratitude, annoyance, joy, bliss, frustration, etc. It makes a roller-coaster ride seem more steady than our emotions.


Concentration is kind of sucky right now.

Shielding, affirmations, etc. that used to take me – at the most – five minutes have recently averaged about twenty-six minutes to complete.

My attention span is – oh look, a butterfly! Harumph, the winds are annoying me. Wonder what I’m going to wear today. What was I doing? Oh, yeah. Concentrate, Jan. Shield. I feel like working with my essential oils today. Oh! Don’t I have to go into town this morning? Shield, Jan! Argh!

I constantly feel like my thoughts are drifting and I need to rein them back in. Once I get focused, it is great… but getting there? Not so much. The day can go in a blink.


Cravings. For me, it’s chocolate. Okay, it’s pretty much always chocolate – but this has been different, more intense – and since I don’t consume sugar (I use stevia), it is more about the chocolate.

I have also been craving spices, like fennel, garam masala, etc.

Fluctuations. Waking up with a growling, insistent stomach, and the drive to eat full meals.


The other extreme where I’ll fix a bowl of vegan “chicken” broth for a meal, because I don’t really feel like ingesting/eating anything.

Short-Circuiting Electronics

Yeah, I thought those days were over. I keep shielding my electronics/electrical stuff to keep their energy steady, but that’s not helping so much against my energy output spurts.

We have to learn to live and function – without frying our electronics – in this newer energy. Concentrate on keeping your own energy steady, shield self, then shield everything else.

Remember, it’s not happening to you – it’s happening with, and through, you.

Take responsibility for your (wandering?) thoughts and your energy “upgrade”. Practicing, with conscious intent, will help.

I also recommend:

Every so often, take a few deep breaths; chant “Ohm” (if appropriate); garden; do something physical and be kind with self.

by Jan Toomer


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